David Lucado, Britney’s Ex: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

david lucado, britney ex cheating video

Pop queen Britney Spears has dumped her boyfriend after viewing a video that shows him dancing with and kissing another woman.

Adding to the drama, it came out today that Britney’s dad paid big bucks for the vid and played it for his daughter, prompting her to sever ties with David Lucado, a relative unknown whom she had dated for a year and a half.

Here’s what you should know about Lucado and the scandal that cost him Britney.

1. Britney’s Dad Kept the Video From Going Public

Jamie Spears Britney's dad

Britney’s father, Jamie. (Getty)

TMZ reports today that Britney’s dad Jamie, the guy who remains her conservator since taking over her life after her infamous meltdown.

2. Britney Is Having a ‘Really Sh*tty Day’

On Thursday Britney shared this video with her 3 million-plus Instagram followers and 38 million-plus Twitter followers.

She puts on a strong face but breaks down at the end.

3. Lucado Met Spears Through Friends

David Lucado idiot


Back in February 2013, TMZ published photos of Spears and Lucado out golfing together. According to the gossip site, the couple met through friends. They spent 2013 Valentine’s Day together, running up a $60 tab at a Sushi restaurant. Later, it emerged that Britney’s ex, Kevin Federline, was friends with Lucado.

4. He Worked as a Bartender Prior to Meeting Spears

David Lucado Britney Spears kids


Lucado has worked a number of odd jobs since he relocated to California from Atlanta in 2012. According to E Online, he’s worked as a bartender and a real estate agent. At the time he hooked up with Britney, Lucado was working at a law firm doing “field research.”

5. Lucado Is Described as ‘Typical Southern Fratty’

David Lucado cheating girl name


Lucado, like Britney, is a southerner. He hails from Virginia but grew up in Atlanta. E! News described him as “typical Southern fratty.” TMZ reported that he is “the exact opposite of a Hollywood guy–meek, humble, and totally down-to-earth.”