Sam Jaeger: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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1. He Wants to Be Fake Married to Erika Again

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Now the couple, who has been married on the show for six seasons, is saying goodbye after the shows ends this season. They are so connected that they refer to each other as TV husband and wife.

In the above NBC interview the couple did in September, Jaeger said, “I told her last week that I hope we get to do it like Craig and Bonnie [who play Zeek and Camille], like somewhere down the road we get to be married again because I just have such respect for this woman.”

In 2013, when asked about the show coming to an end, he told Pop Sugar, “I’ve gotten used to facing unemployment my whole life, so the fact that we got to do four years is awesome. This year wasn’t as bad of an emotional roller coaster. There was a couple years back I remember being with Erika [Christensen] on our last scene and being like, ‘Just in case, it was really great being your husband for these last years.” This season was like, “Yeah, I’ll see you.'”

2. His Wife Has Been His Costar

Napa Valley Film Festival: Sam and Amber Jaeger InterviewSorry for the loud piano! This is the only version of the interview! A filmmaker interview with the writer/director and lead actress of Take Me Home, Sam and Amber Jaeger. Taken at the beautiful Round Pond Estate in Napa Valley as part of the Napa Valley Film Festival. Check out Take Me Home here:…2011-11-25T18:55:02.000Z

He wrote, directed, and acted in the 2011 comedy Take Me Home. His real-life wife, Amber, who he met in college, acted in the film.

As far as how the movie making process affected their still-new marriage, Jaeger said they escaped it unscathed.

He told the Huffington Post, “Take Me Home should have gotten us divorced. It was certainly not easy to make it, driving across the continent with seven smelly guys in an RV, and the fact that she still came away with a brilliant performance is amazing. Thankfully our marriage came out okay. We had a lot of stressful times on the road and I have to say it was a pretty big accomplishment for a couple who had been married for less than a year.”

3. He Has 2 Kids

The first is a teenage stepdaughter from his wife’s previous marriage. In an interview with SF Gate, he dished at how his TV dad role prepped him for real-life fatherhood.

“… My stepdaughter came into my life when she was the same age Savannah (who plays my TV daughter) is. I feel like an old pro with the over 5 crowd; it’s the under 5 I’m inept around,” he said.

The actor had his first child in 2010, and told the site about the perks of getting up early with his son. “I handle the 4 a.m. shift in our house. My son and I walk around the backyard and watch the sun rise. I’ll take that over sleep any day,” he gushed.

4. He Went to Otterbein

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Although he knew he wanted be an actor since he he was 13 and had gotten into conservatories, he decided to go to the liberal arts college in Ohio.

“I felt like art should be a reflection of what you learn in life….and for me, conservatory training, I saw a lot of art kids surrounded by art kids and it just felt like you were neglecting the college experience and also just the outside world,” he explained in the interview above that was conducted at the university.

He graduated in 1999, but while he was still in school, he got his first role, on Law and Order.

5. He’s Involved in Charity

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The actor devotes time to Five Acres Charity, whose mission it is to provide homes for children.

In an interview with Kids In the House, he said, “They cater to at-risk youth from 3 all the way to teen years, trying to find foster care and adoptive care for these kids.”

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