Man Medals on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Man Medals, buttons or fridge magnets to award your man after he performs a household chore, entered the Shark Tank in Season 5. The episode is rerunning on December 19.

Heavy interviewed founder Jim O’Brien to see how the company is doing after appearing on the show.

When asked how his business has grown he said, “By leaps and bounds. Not only in sales, but structure. Retail packaging that works, online sales with the proper infrastructure. I learned a ton from Shark Tank, not only about the business…but myself.”

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1. The Name Came From a Running Joke Between a Married Couple

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The idea came after he read a report stating that after honesty and sex, the third most important indicator of a successful marriage was dealing with chores.

“That’s when the idea of a Man Medal came to me – I thought it’d be a funny way to address an issue that’s top of mind with plenty of couples,” O’Brien said.

As for the name of his business, he said, “It was a running joke with my wife Kathi. I’d take out the trash and announce what I’d done – “Honey, I took out the trash!” Her response was, “What do you want..a medal?”” he explained.

Kathi, his wife of 22, has supported him from day one, which he is grateful for.

2. They Make Great Stocking Stuffers

These unique awards make a great stocking stuffer for the man in your life. The set made especially for the holidays, is $25.00 and includes these medals:

– I took the garbage out

– I asked for directions

– I put the toilet seat down

– I changed the toilet paper

– I ran the vacuum cleaner

– I picked up my dirty clothes

– I emptied the dishwasher

To get them by Christmas, you will have to order through their website. However, they are also available on Amazon.

3. Dot Com Is Partner

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After the show aired, he got 12 offers. One was from Kevin Brown, from New York, who unbeknownst to O’Brien, was an actor on his favorite sitcom.

He said, “We spoke on the phone, and he identified himself as Dot Com from 30 Rock, my favorite show). I couldn’t believe it.”

As far as their new partnership goes, O’Brien said they are planning a Man Medals comedy tour for next year. “Kevin is an accomplished businessman, and his feedback and guidance has been incredible,” he added.

4. He Used a Male Model for His Pitch Video

Man Medals auditionHere it is…my audition video for Man Medals.2013-10-03T15:11:46.000Z

After creating his first medal, O’Brien’s friend, Roger Christian, suggested that he apply to Shark Tank.

Not expecting a response, he was surprised when they asked for a pitch video, which you can view above.

It features a male model he hired to act like he was performing household chores, Kathi yelling in the background and O’Brien making the actual pitch.

“Another call, interviews over the phone with producers and the next thing I knew I was on a plane to L.A.,” he said.

5. He Was Humbled By the Experience

He offered the sharks a 10 percent deal for $10,000, but they did not invest in the company. Although he had a good pitch, looking back, he realizes that he lacked a solid business plan.

“…it was humbling. I’m not going to lie, it hurts,” he said. “I spent the better part of two months replaying the pitch in my mind over and over.”

He did talk about what went on behind the scenes. “What you didn’t see was Mark Cuban lean back and ask Lori what medal she was going to give her husband, or Damon telling me I was on the right path. Hey, we made Mr. Wonderful laugh,” he dished.

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