Justin Bieber’s Net Worth 2015

Justin Bieber Net Worth 2015

Justin Bieber is one of the richest kids in the world, with an estimated net worth of $200 million. In addition to his music, Bieber has fragrances, model campaigns, and many other business ventures, earning him a salary ranging from $60 - $80 million per year. Celebrity Net Worth reports: We first started tracking Justin Bieber's net worth in February 2010. At the time we estimated his net worth to be $500 thousand ... By the end of 2010, Justin's net worth topped $5 million. Between 2010 and 2011, Justin's net worth started to grow at a furious pace. On January 29 2012, we updated his net worth to $40 million. From this point on, Justin began earning $50-70 million every year from music sales, merchandise, product endorsements, touring and various other business ventures. After hovering in the $170 – $180 million range for a while, in July 2014, Justin's net worth officially topped $200 million. So, what does the Biebs do with all this money? In 2014, Page Six reported that the megastar was blowing through $1 million a month. A source told Page Six: He’s blowing through $1 million a month. The guys handling his investments at Mellon Bank complain that there is nothing left for them to invest. They also wrote that he was spending about $8,000 a week on marijuana. Since 2014, Bieber has made it a point to tell the media that he's really turned his life around. Even with Bieber's dark moments, however, he's still one of the most successful singers on the planet. Click through our gallery to see Bieber's best and latest Instagram photos.