Ana Brenda Contreras & Ivan Sanchez ‘Lo Imperdonable’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ana Brenda Contreras, Ivan Sanchez

Ana Brenda Contreras and Ivan Sanchez star in the new telenovela 'Lo Imperdonable'. (Facebook/Lo Imperdonable)

Ana Brenda Contreras, Ivan Sanchez

Ana Brenda Contreras and Ivan Sanchez star in the new telenovela ‘Lo Imperdonable’. (Facebook/Lo Imperdonable)

Love and Vengeance is coming to town with Lo Imperdonable. The Mexican actress Ana Brenda Contreras and Spanish actor and model Ivan Sanchez are starring in the new telenovela, that will air on Univision Networks.

Lo imperdonable is the upcoming telenovela substituting Hasta el fin del Mundo .

The interesting part is that this is a remake of La Mentira which was starred by Kate del Castillo and Guy Ecker, in 1998.

In the brand new cast, we will see how revenge will poison the love between the main characters. Martin -played by Sanchez- wants to avenge his brother’s death and his target is Veronica Padro Castelo -Contreras’s role. But Martin plans will kind of get ruined when he starts falling in love with the woman he hates.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ana Brenda Contreras Is Veronica Padro Castelo

Ivan Sanchez, Ana Brenda Contreras, Ivan Sanchez Ana Brenda Contreras

Ivan Sanchez and Ana Brenda Contreras star in Lo imperdonable. (Facebook/Lo Imperdonable)

After two years away from telenovelas, Contreras is coming back to star in Lo Imperdonable. Last time we saw the Mexican actress was as Maricruz in Corazon Indomable. Contreras told Latin Post, “I’m eating well. And because of the novela. I am taking fencing classes and horse riding.” She is also singing the ending theme song titled “Como Perdonar” in Lo Imperdonable.

But this is not her first time singing. In 2002, Contreras used to be part of a musical group called T’ De Tila.

T' De Tila – Dejarte IrUnico video oficial del grupo pop mexicano T' De Tila Egresadas del realily Show "Las Nuevas Estrellas Del Pop" de Televisa en el 2002 Tema: "Dejarte Ir" Grupo: T' De Tila Integrantes: Lorena (Lorena Mendez Fajardo) Christian (Christian Mirelle Garza) Mary Betty (Maria Elizabeth Leon) Nancy (Nancy Islas) Ana Brenda (Ana Brenda Contreras) Coreografía: Luis…2012-05-12T07:51:45.000Z

In the telenovela, Veronica Padro Castelo is beautiful and an entrepreneur. She will fall in love with Martin, who will make her suffer after she arrives at Mina Escondida. Veronica will taste misery by the man she is deeply in love.

2. Ivan Sanchez Made His Acting Career in Mexico

Ana Brenda Contreras

Ana Brenda Contreras singing in the presentation of ‘Lo Imperdonable’ in Mexico. (Instagram/Ana Brenda Contreras)

Ivan Sanchez was born in Madrid, España. He has done some modeling and acting in his country. La Tempestad was his first telenovela in Mexico but his breakthrough role was when he played El Gallego in La Reina del Sur, in 2011. Sanchez told El Horizonte, “I’ve made a lot of friends here. I have been coming to Mexico in the last 20 years and is like been at home. It makes you feel good how people welcomed you, people recognizes me in the streets and they come to you…every flattering remark that they tell you or any little thing that they do for you, it makes you want to stay in the country that has given me the good fortune and great work.”

3. Ivan Sanchez & Ana Brenda Contreras

Lo Imperdonable

Lo Imperdonable Cast (Facebook/Lo Imperdonable)

This is the first time Sanchez takes over the main role character. But it wasn’t an easy role to get because at the auditions he was competing against JenCarlos Canela. At the end, producer Salvador Mejia chose Sanchez because he matches Contrera’s beauty, according to Hola.

Producer Salvador Mejia asked his followers if Canela and Contreras (in picture) were a good match.

Later, Salvador Mejia confirmed the cast via Twitter (see above)

On the other hand, Contreras had lead roles on telenovelas like Juro que te amo -in which she worked with Jose Ron-, La que no Podia Amar -with Jorge Salinas- and Corazon Indomable -with Daniel Arenas.

4. Sergio Sendel Is the Villain of the Story

Sergio Sendel

Sergio Sendel (Facebook/Lo Imperdonable)

Actors Grettell Valdez and Sergio Sendel will be playing the roles of the antagonists in the story. Valdez will be the cruel sister Virginia Prado Castelo and Sendel the evil cousin Emiliano Prado Castelo. He will do anything to separate Veronica and Martin.

5. Lo Imperdonable vs. La Mentira

Mejores Ecenas de La Mentira Parte 1Las mejores ecenas de La Mentira entre Kate del Castillo y Guy Ecker. Editado por: Feby Musica de fondo por Vicente Fernandez "Me voy a quitar de en medio" All right reserved. katedelcastillo.org2008-08-21T04:26:08.000Z

Enjoy the best moments of La Mentira, based on an original story by Caridad Bravo Adams, and starred by Kate del Castillo and Guy Ecker.

Ecker played Demetrio Azunsolo, who wants to take revenge after his beloved half-brother, Ricardo Platas, commits suicide because he was betrayed by a selfish and greedy woman. Demetrio believes Veronica Fernandez -played by Del Castillo- is responsible for his brother’s death.


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