Craig Conover on ‘Southern Charm’

Craig Conover

Craig Conover is an attorney in the making, but he hasn't been studying for his bar exam and his partying lifestyle got him fired from his job this season on Southern Charm. The more his fellow cast-mates show concern, the more irritated he becomes. He's 26 years old and wants to enjoy life, but he doesn't have the same financial backing as some of his more privileged friends. As a good-looking twenty-something-year-old, it can be difficult to settle down a bit. This is Conover's battle this season on the show. Conover has a net worth reported at $200,000 and he was working in Charleston as a law clerk at Anastopoulo Law Firm , a prominent personal injury firm. For more information on Conover, click through our gallery of his best Instagram photos.

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