Caitlyn Jenner Height: How Tall Is She?

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(Photo by: James White/E! Entertainment)

Bruce Jenner was a tall man and now Caitlyn Jenner is an even taller woman. Without heels on, Jenner stands at 6 feet two inches tall, which would explain why he has such a leggy supermodel, Kendall Jenner, as a daughter. Now, Caitlyn Jenner has really embraced her womanhood and loves wearing high heels, so if she’s adding four inches or so to her height, she probably measures around 6’6″ tall. At 65 years old, Jenner’s main concern when transitioning was that she not look like a man in a dress. Even with her height, Jenner has masterfully transitioned into a beautiful, tall woman.

Jenner’s height and her own long legs are what carried her into success in athletics. She can contribute her winning the Olympic decathlon, receiving the James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the U.S., and being named the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year in 1976, in part, to having amazing legs for running.

All of Jenner’s biological children are relatively tall as well, taking after their father. Here’s a list of their heights below:

Brody Jenner: 6’0″

Brandon Jenner: 5’11”

Kendall Jenner: 5’10”

Kylie Jenner: 5’6″ (the shortest of the bunch by far)

Casey and Burt Jenner’s heights are unknown, though they appear to be almost equal in height to their brothers in photos.

Caitlyn Jenner’s weight is listed on Google as 194 lbs., though she’s appeared to have slimmed down more in recent weeks.

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