Tamar Braxton Gets Paired With Louis Van Amstel on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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On Dancing With the Stars, pro Louis Van Amstel is paired with celebrity cook Paula Deen, but this week is “switch up” week on the show. This means that there’s a temporary shake up in the pairings. And so, Amstel is partnered with singer and reality star Tamar Braxton. Braxton’s official dance partner is Val Chmerkovskiy and the two share a love/hate relationship, where Braxton calls Chmerkovskiy a “little brother”. Braxton is full of sass and attitude, which is why her fans love her. Will that mix well with Amstel? Perhaps it will be a nice break for Amstel, who has to be very patient with his usual partner’s scattered personality.

Last week was very emotional for Braxton, who dedicated her performance to her husband Vince. The two have dealt with health scares and struggles when trying to have a family. Braxton opened up about her pain and gave her most applauded performance yet on the show.

Tonight, Braxton and Amstel are performing the Samba together.