‘The Royals’ Season 2 Episode 2 Cast & Spoilers

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Season 2 Press Screening. William Moseley, Elizabeth Hurley, Tom Austen and Alexandra Park (Photo by: Charley Gallay/E! Entertainment)

The Royals Season 2 Episode 2 titled “Welcome Is Fashion and Ceremony” is on tonight Sunday, November 22 at 10:00 P.M. on E! Read on for spoilers, synopsis and trailers.

The Eonline.com Official Episode Synopsis:

In Prince Liam’s search for vengeance, a secret is exposed that affects the monarchy’s future while Princess Eleanor rekindles an old flame.”

In last week’s drama filled episode Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and Prince Liam (William Moseley) have their titles reinstated by King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) despite the DNA test proving they are not the children of late King Simon. In creepy King Cyrus manner, he made them kiss his ring and apologize. King Cyrus realized that Eleanor and Liam are popular with the people and it is better for his image to have them back in the castle and on his side.

Eleanor is back to her old ways, and deals with the loss of her father and breakup with Jasper (Tom Austen) by parting, getting high, and having sex with a polo player in the stables right after the match. Prince Liam requests Jasper as his new security detail because he trusts him, bringing Jasper back into the palace and back into Princess Eleanor’s life. Jasper desperately follows Eleanor wherever she goes and asks for her forgiveness, just as Eleanor gives in and goes after him, she opens her bedroom door, and there is her longtime crush Beck who tells her he has just left his wife. In this week’s episode, Eleanor and Beck are back together and Beck and Jasper meet for the first time and are not happy about the competition.

Prince Liam is getting closer to finding his brother and father King Simon’s killer and suspects the Domino pendant placed on him when he passed out drunk came from the responsible party. He finally shows Princess Eleanor the pendant and they make a pact to find their father’s killer by any means. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) also suspects the Domino group to be responsible for King Simon’s death and worries they will come for her after witnessing a burning Domino symbol on the lawn outside her window.

Watch Season 2 Episode 2 Trailers Below

Queen Helena and King Cyrus are decked out in their royal duds for a party. Cyrus locks James in a cage, and Queen Helena discovers what looks to be a dead body and says to the ruthless king that “you do understand we don’t kill people around here.” Princess Eleanor and her ex Jasper’s drama continues when she tells him to stop being jealous, obviously from him having to be around Eleanor and her newly single crush Beck.

Eleanor’s long time crush and old friend of her late brother introduces himself as a family friend to Eleanor’s ex bodyguard and lover Jasper while at a party on a yacht. Beck is definitely more than a family friend and there is a lot of tension when he asks Jasper how long he’s been the bodyguard for Prince Liam. Jasper lets him know that he was with Princess Eleanor before that for 6 months after Beck says don’t feel bad, Eleanor’s security details only last a month. They both seem angry and jealous and there is sure to be even more drama as this love triangle continues.

King Cyrus continues his deviant behavior by cuffing and locking James in a cage after he was held at gunpoint by Prince Liam and told him that he was not with Cyrus the night of King Simon’s death as he previously said. Liam told Cyrus he knew and now James will suffer in his tiny cage for being a “squawking tart.”

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