Who Gets Fired Tonight on ‘Below Deck’? Is Danny Sent Home?

Who gets fired on tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean? Has Danny Zureikat finally gotten sent home?

Tonight, Danny was again caught with his phone and Bryan caught him in action on camera. Danny went to the Captain to confess his wrongdoing in hopes of avoiding consequences.

When the other guys and Chef Ben ask Danny to retrieve his phone and show them that he was not taking photos of guests, Danny removes the SIM card from his phone. Can you say guilty?

Danny also starts a fight with Bryan and Bobby, calling them butt buddies. The Captain concludes that Danny does not respect the chain of command and has no respect for authority.

In previews for tonight’s show, a crew member gets handed a plane ticket home and fired, but the identity of the cast member is not revealed until the actual firing on the show.

For most of the season, cast member Danny has been the thorn in the sides of his fellow crew members. Hanna and Danny have had several issues and one major confrontation off the boat, where Danny got in the middle of a heated conversation Hanna was having with Chef Ben. Danny, who does not rank as high as Hanna on the boat, told her she needed makeup because she has an ugly personality.

Bryan and Bobby have consistently been angered and annoyed by Danny for not pulling his weight physically on the boat as well as disobeying orders on the ship. Cast member Jen didn’t have much of a problem with Danny, but grew tired of his behavior.

Juelia and Tiffany have not taken Danny’s antics too seriously, but the Captain has had to deal with Danny’s behavior time after time. Over the course of the season, Danny has acted inappropriately with guests several times, he’s photographed clients and he’s even made out with one of them.

Would you have fired Danny?