JoJo Fletcher’s Family: Meet Her Mother, Father, Brothers & Sister

JoJo Fletcher's Family

On tonight's finale of The Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher's family comes to Thailand to meet her suitors and to lend their advice to JoJo. Fletcher comes from a blended family, born to parents Soraya and Joseph Fletcher. Joseph also has two children from another relationship - Peter and Rachel. Meanwhile, Soraya has also been married to a man named George Patton. Patton had two sons named Matt and Ben, who are very successful. JoJo and her brothers are very close. We got a chance to see how overprotective they are of their sister on this past season of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins. Click through our gallery of Fletcher's family's best photos to get spoilers on the Bachelorette finale as well as background on her family members. (ABC)