Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller: The Pictures You Need To See

This Friday, the newest Seth Rogen film, Sausage Party, is being released nationwide. An R-rated animated film about talking, sentient food, the film got a lot of solid buzz earlier in the year at the South by Southwest Film Festival, and is still getting a number of good reviews. The film has the potential to be yet another big success for Seth Rogen, especially on the modest budget it was created for. Rogen remains a bonafide hit maker in Hollywood - his biggest successes have been enormous, and even the more modest successes have made a profit. He remains a movie star.

Before he was a movie star, though, he was an actor and writer looking for his big break. It was around that time he began dating Lauren Miller, and years later, after years of success, they were married. Their long relationship appears to be one of the strongest in Hollywood. (Getty)

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