What Did Dwight & Eugene Say at the End of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Austin Amelio as Dwight - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

Many fans had trouble hearing what Dwight and Eugene said to each other near the end of The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11, “Hostiles and Calamities.” Here’s what they said, along with fan theories about what it means.

This post has spoilers through Season 7 Episode 11.

In their last conversation, Dwight and Eugene said the following:

Eugene: “Regarding me clamping down…”

Dwight: “You on board?”

Eugene: “I am, just like you… I don’t know if you recall my handle.”

Dwight: “I don’t.”

Eugene.: “Eugene. You’re Dwight. … We are Negan.”

Dwight: “Yeah.”

In other words, Eugene started out apologize for that time he tried to bite Dwight during an altercation. Instead, Dwight asked Eugene if he was on board with everything. After the way Eugene quickly showed his loyalty to Negan in an unforgettable scene, fans are wondering if Eugene has turned. But as we know from the past, Eugene is very good at playing the long game.

Some fans are theorizing that the way Eugene answered Dwight’s question is leaving room for the possibility of defection. Eugene didn’t say he was on board, he said he was on board “just like you.” Perhaps he has already figured out that Dwight isn’t 100 percent on Negan’s side, after what happened with his wife, and Eugene is letting him know that he’s the same way… He’s on board as long as he has to be, but he could turn given the right opportunity.

However, other fans think that the conversation was actually Eugene’s way of confirming he is on board, completely. That he is the other right-hand man of Negan and it was his way of letting Dwight know that he’s now in the same position in the hierarchy as Dwight.

What do you think? Were they acknowledging that they are both on board 100 percent, or were they subtly hinting that neither one is 100 percent loyal to Negan?