Who Dies On the Series Finale of ‘Bates Motel’ Tonight?

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WARNING: This article is one giant spoiler, so if you do not want to know about who dies on the finale of Bates Motel, STOP READING NOW.

Tonight’s series finale of Bates Motel had fans on edge, wondering who would make it out alive.

The episode started out with Romero forcing Norman to take him to see his mother’s body. Meanwhile, Norman’s brother Dylan is made aware that his brother has been kidnapped. Unfortunately for Norman and Dylan, the police aren’t as eager to find Norman as they may have hoped.

When Norman finally reveals Norma’s body to Romero, he apologizes, but it’s too late to get any sympathy from Romero. Norman is beaten by Romero who then becomes distracted by Norma’s frozen remains. He cries to her that he’s sorry he couldn’t help her.

Before Romero knows it, Norman comes up behind him and hits him with a rock. In the end of the scuffle, Norman shoots Romero to death. Romero’s dying words to Norman are, “You killed her. You killer your own mother. You can’t hide from it.”

After killing Romero, Norman starts to realize that he did in fact kill Norma. Mother then appears and says “goodbye.” Is Mother gone for good … ?

Norman wakes up to sunlight and the smile of his mother, along with a nice morning breakfast. Norman tells her that he had a horrible dream that she died. Unfortunately for Norman, it’s just a dream. He wakes up bloody, on the cold ground, at the scene of Romero’s death. Norman is hallucinating and begins to have visions of his mother that he’s embracing as reality.

As Norman carries his mother’s frozen body back home, he relives the day that they first moved to White Pine Bay.

Remo meets up with Dylan to help him out in his time of need. The two catch up and Remo reveals he’s gotten married. Remo then supplies Dylan with a gun “for protection”.

Norman gets cleaned up and lays his mother’s body down in her bed. He runs down to the motel to check on things and finds that police tape is posted across the front. A family soon pulls up with a mother and two boys who need a room. When Norman hears that one of the boys’ names is Dylan, he thinks fondly of his brother.

While Dylan is getting a drink, he gets a phone call from Norman, who has returned to his mentality that Norma is alive and well. He tells Dylan that he misses him and hopes they can start over at the “new house and motel.” Norman then invites Dylan over for dinner and Dylan accepts the invitation. He then asks Norman if he’s with Romero. Because Norman’s living in the past, he says that he doesn’t know anyone named Romero.

Before Dylan arrives, Norman dresses his death mother up in clothes for dinner. Dylan calls Emma from his car, outside the house, and she pleads with him to call the Sheriff. Dylan asks her if she is still his wife and pleads with her to tell him that she loves him. Emma won’t do it, fearing what Dylan is getting ready to do with Norman.

When Dylan finds the mother and her sons staying at the hotel, he warns them of his brother’s mental issues and urges them to leave, which they do. Is Dylan preparing for a battle if need be? Could he have the strength to kill his brother? His call to Emma almost sounds suicidal and it makes viewers wonder what Dylan’s plans are …

Norman answers the front door and gives Dylan a big hug, telling him how happy “Mother” will be to see him. Dylan walks into the kitchen while Norman finishes cooking. When Dylan walks into the dining room, he finds a dead, dressed Norma sitting at the head of the table. A shocked Dylan starts to vomit.

Norman tells him everything is fine, that he must be overwhelmed. Dylan lashes out and tells Norman that Norma is dead and that it’s just her body in the dining room. Norman begins to cry and orders Dylan to stop ruining their evening. Dylan tells Norman he needs help. He says that in his dream world, he wants Norma to be alive, he wants Norman to be happy and well … Norman tells Dylan that if you want something enough and believe it, it can happen.

When Norman picks up a large knife, Dylan pulls out his gun. The two brothers begin to cry as they face-off. Norman tells Dylan that he can’t be taken away from his mother. When Norman lunges forward, driving the knife into the door, Dylan reacts by firing the gun into Norman’s gut. Dylan holds his brother, hugging him as he’s dying and Norman thanks him. Dylan cries as Norman begins to picture himself being reunited with his mother.

The police arrive and take Norman’s body away. Romero’s body is found by Sheriff. A new family buys the Bates Motel.

Emma is shown with Dylan and their daughter as the couple has made up.

The ending scene shows Norma and Norman’s tombstone, with no kind words written about Norman on his side … a blank slate.

The End …

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