Flatliners (2017): Is There a Post Credits Scene?


Flatliners is horror remake of a 1990 movie of the same by director Niels Aden Oplev. Starring stars Ellen Page, Diego Luna, and  James Norton the film follows a group of medical students attempting to understand the afterlife. They do this by sneaking into the hospital at night and “killing” one another only to bring them back to life. This is meant to understand what comes next and hopefully push the scientific study of the afterlife to the next level. While this starts out as harmless, their experiment backfires as each person slowly becomes tormented by an unseen force.

There is a bit more to this story, including a rather surprising twist about halfway through, but after the film is over there’s nothing to watch. We can confirm that the 2017 version of Flatliners does not have a post-credit scene of any kind.

While ending credit scenes are typically reserved for big action movies, the horror industry has been making a rather noticeable push to keep audiences engaged beyond the core movie. One of the most obvious examples of this was Annabelle: Creation which featured two separate post-credit scenes that not only expanded upon the story but the lore of the entire Conjuring universe.

For those deciding on whether to see this horror movie or not, Flatliners is currently sitting at a 36 on Metacritic, with a user score of 6.8. Many of the problems are levied at the poor script, cheap scares, and lack of doing anything original with the concept. The original Flatliners from 1990 did manage to do a little bit better, as it sported a 55 from the critics and has a 7.2 from the fan score. Keep in mind IT is still in theaters, so if you’re looking for a scary movie to see that might be the better choice for this weekend.

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