Kenya Moore on Marrying Husband Marc Daly

Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers have seen cast member Kenya Moore in a couple relationships over the years. When Moore first joined the show, she said she was seeing a man named Walter Jackson. But, there were many rumors surrounding Jackson and his relationship with Moore. According to Straight from the Tea, there were rumors that Jackson was gay and other claims were that the couple was just for show. Moore was also shown getting into a very rocky relationship with fitness trainer Matt Jordan. On RHOA, there was evidence of vandalism and Moore voiced her concerns over Jordan’s volatile behavior. One of the biggest incidents occurred on an episode of the show last season after Moore discussed several times that Jordan had a temper problem and sometimes became violent or unstable. When cast member Peter Thomas was holding an event at his new night spot in Charlotte, North Carolina, cast-mates Todd Tucker, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey all attended. Thomas had also invited Jordan, but Moore thought that it would be better if Jordan did not attend. Jordan then decided to drive down to Charlotte from Atlanta and show up at the event anyway. After Jordan arrived, Moore’s driver allegedly ended up being punched by him and Jordan drove off. The details of why this happened were unclear as Moore and Jordan each had different accounts. After the incident, Moore returned home and her garage, as well as car, had been vandalized. Video footage appeared to show Jordan as the culprit.

Though Moore is 46 years old, she has said she continues to dream of having a child and finding love. Fortunately for her, it looks like she has found a mate. On June 23, 2017, many were surprised to hear that Moore had tied the knot with a businessman named Marc Daly, with just 10 people in attendance. Even Moore’s father was not invited, but Moore says she regrets that decision. In an interview with The Grio, Moore admitted, “It was sad. I knew my dad wanted to be there and I tried to tell him. I just wanted my wedding day to be perfect and with my dad you never know what you’re going to get. I told him how in love I was with this man and he was not supportive. I had to make the decision and I went back and forth about, ‘do I have my dad there?’ I had to make the decision because I’m starting a new life and my family now is my husband. I went with the safer choice and I do regret it.” Though she admitted to not wanting her father at her wedding, she initially told People that he was celebrating his birthday in Jamaica and that the nuptials were last minute so he couldn’t make it. In her father’s place, her friend Brandon DeShazer walked her down the aisle. The wedding took place at a private resort in St. Lucia and Moore opted for a beach ceremony. From the menu to the ambiance, Moore said that her husband Daly had a major hand in the nuptials. She told People, “He didn’t want something for show. He didn’t want it to be left up to other people’s interpretation of love. He just wanted it to be what he sees it: him looking into my eyes and us being together. It was just two people in love who wanted to get married. I would not have done it any other way — it was amazing.” Though they married in St. Lucia, Moore says that the couple does plan on having a big reception for family in friends next summer.

So, who is the man who won over Moore? The Grio reports that Daly is a New York-based restaurateur who was actually introduced to Moore by fellow-Bravo personality, Chef Roble Ali. Daly is successful in his business and recently opened up a restaurant called SoCo in Brooklyn, New York. Moore has said that Daly has been riding solo for a long time, as has she, so the dynamics are “interesting.” They are both used to being on their own and he is not used to the spotlight, so Moore said fans may not see him much on the show, if at all. She explained that, “He’s not so quick to put his life out for public consumption. We’re newlyweds. I have to consider what that means to me, my job, my fans and what I will allow to be shown, I hope my marriage lasts forever and we all know the show won’t.”

In marrying Daly, Moore said that she felt only co-star Cynthia Bailey was really excited for her. Moore’s response was, “Can you just be happy for a 46-year-old woman who is getting married for the first time? Fuck ‘em.”

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