Is Costco Open on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2017? [Store Holiday Hours]


Last-minute shopping is a holiday tradition for many people. Whether you’re hosting family and friends for Christmas or you’re bringing food as a guest to another family member’s holiday celebration, no one’s immune from forgetting something important. You might even be needing to buy some last-minute Christmas gifts and think that Costco could be the perfect one-stop-shop. But many stores are closed on Christmas and Christmas Eve, which can make grabbing something last-minute more difficult. Many shoppers are wanting to know if Costco is open for Christmas. For those of you who are shopping at the last-minute or remember something you needed for a recipe that you forgot all about, the news is only half good.

On Christmas Eve, Costco stores will be open, but on Christmas Day all Costco stores will be closed. These are chainwide hours to allow employees to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones. So of course, we should be glad for the employees and give Costco some praise for putting the holiday and their employees ahead of profit. If you need to shop on Christmas Eve, Costco will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., your local time. Yes, the story is shutting down early so employees can go home to their families and not be out too late.

If you’re looking for something at the last minute on Christmas day, consider giving CVS or Walgreens a try. Some local locations will be open, but you’ll need to call ahead. However, if Costco is your favorite, you’re probably better off just stopping by on Christmas Eve.

Despite being closed on Christmas, Costco will be open the next day, running regular hours at most locations. Click here to find a Costco location near you. If you’re looking for some good Christmas deals, they’re offering some holiday specials for 2017. Their 2017 holiday gift guide was only good through November 19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find some good specials at the store on Christmas Eve. So give it a try!

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