‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers – Season 22 Episode 8

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On last week’s episode of The Bachelor, the remaining women and Arie Luyendyk ventured off to Tuscany and Florence. But, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Luyendyk, as contestant Jacqueline Trumbull decided to end their courtship. Trumbull realized that their lives were too different and she decided to leave the show. In response to Trumbull’s leaving, Luyendyk wrote in his People blog that, “My breakup with Jacqueline was one of the most emotional moments in my time on The Bachelor. Getting broken up with always sucks, especially when it’s someone you’re as into as I was into Jacqueline. She’s so smart, interesting, and funny — and we’d just had so much fun in Paris. I knew that our lives were completely different and that an engagement may be difficult, but that didn’t mean I was ready to say goodbye.” It was definitely a dramatic episode … Now, before we get into all the spoilers on what to expect for tonight’s season 22 episode, this is your spoiler warning. If you do NOT want to know any major spoilers, STOP READING NOW.

ABC network’s official episode description of tonight’s show reads, “The stakes are high as Arie crisscrosses the country on an exciting, emotionally charged journey to visit the final four women’s hometowns. He meets Kendall in Los Angeles for one of most bizarre dates in Bachelor history, which is followed by an unsettling meeting with his potential in-laws. Then, Arie travels to Weiner, Arkansas, where Tia’s parents batter him with questions. The Bachelor’s next adventure takes him to Prior Lake, Minnesota, where he joins Becca K. for a romantic homespun afternoon. However, he comes under fire again, as Becca’s no-nonsense midwestern family is very skeptical of Arie and what he can offer this bachelorette. Arie’s final hometown date in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is with Lauren B. A tense, uncomfortable family dinner awaits him. A totally unnerved Arie has difficulty facing the four women at the rose ceremony. There is a gut-wrenching exit in store for one of them, but which one? Arie is left to question his hardest decision yet.”

Now let’s get into what to expect on the show tonight, from the elimination to the drama. Read on for some major spoilers.

Family Members Are Skeptical of Luyendyk

The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk "Meets The Family" Preview (Ep.8)The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk "Meets The Family" Preview (Ep.8)2018-02-17T04:52:52.000Z

It’s the hometown dates, which means that Luyendyk goes to the hometowns of each of the remaining four women on the show. Unfortunately for Luyendyk, he is met with some criticism and skepticism over his relationships with some of the ladies. Recently, Luyendyk wrote in his People blog that, “Meeting the families was even more stressful and dramatic than I anticipated. You’ll see people question my past, my intentions and my character. I’m forced to confront rumors and try to win people over who don’t want me dating their daughter. Also, in all of this, I make one of the single hardest decisions of my entire life. I came into this experience to find the love of my life, and I was one step closer. And just when I thought I had seen it all, the rest of the journey gets even crazier.”

Kendall Long’s family has their doubts about her relationship with Luyendyk, while Tia Booth’s overprotective parents grill Luyendyk about his past with women. Becca Kufrin’s family is also very suspicious of Luyendyk and his intentions, while Lauren Burnham’s military father and mother overwhelm Luyendyk with the pressure they lay on him. It’s not an easy ride for the Bachelor star, to say the least.

Kendall Long’s Family Worries She Won’t Be Able to Fall In Love

The Bachelor Arie & Kendall's "Hometown Date" Sneak Peek (Ep.8)The Bachelor Arie & Kendall's "Hometown Date" (Sneak Peek (Ep.8)2018-02-15T19:43:14.000Z

While most of the families are worried about Luyendyk, ABC reports that Long’s family is more concerned about whether or not she will be able to fall in love. ABC’s official plot description reads, “Kendall introduces Arie to her passion: taxidermy; but oddly, it becomes a romantic, if quirky, date. Her family worries that this analytical, unconventional bachelorette may not be able to fall in love, casting doubt on the couple’s relationship. A talk with her identical twin sister convinces Kendall to let her walls down and let Arie in for the first time. But will it be too little, too late?”

And the Contestant Eliminated Is …

According to Reality Steve, Tia Booth gets the axe tonight. When it comes to her hometown date with Luyendyk, ABC writes that, “Tia, the feisty southern belle, plans the perfect date for Arie that is right in his wheelhouse: dirt track racing in vintage sports cars. This lady has no problem opening up to Arie and letting him know that she is falling for him. She hopes her family will welcome Arie, but her overprotective parents grill him about his reputation for dating a number of women.”

Though Luyendyk has eliminated Booth, he recently admitted to People that he was falling for her, though he didn’t admit it on the show. The remaining women are Kendall Long, Lauren Burnham and Becca Kufrin.

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