‘Undercover High’ Finale: Spoilers & Recap

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Students at Highland Park were in for a shock tonight when they learned the friends they’d made the past few months were really undercover adults posing as high school students. Some took the news well, while others were left in tears, feeling betrayed.

This season on the show, seven young adults went undercover as high school students to understand the kinds of issues that face high school students today. Technology has permeated the daily social interactions of teenagers, and that did not go unnoticed by the programs’ young adults.

Here’s what you need to know about what went down on the season finale of Undercover High.

Erin was the first to come clean to Michelle about her identity. She told her friend, “I’ve been holding something back. I’m actually 25.” Michelle seemed okay with the news; she wasn’t hurt. But she did admit it would be hard to lose her friend after all this time. “Erin was there the entire time I was going through some pretty rough sh**.”

Jorge’s Admission Left Alijah in Tears

Jorge helped push Alijah out of her comfort zone. After he comes clean to her, Alijah thanks Jorge and asks if he was “acting”; if their friendship was real. Jorge tells Alijah that everything he said was real, but she walks away crying, saying she’s going to need some time to process everything.

Nicolette and her girls’ group made real progress this year, opening up to one another about their insecurities and the obstacles they’ve confronted as high school students. The girls promise her that the group will continue once she leaves.

Antonio takes the news of Daniel’s age well. “My name is Daniel and I’m a student pastor in Nashville. Age 23.” Antonio’s mom admits that she’d rather Antonio be friends with Daniel than involved in what he’s done in the past.

The Debriefing

During the debriefing, the seven participants discussed what they experienced over the course of their four months at the school. They had a lot to say, noting that first and foremost, the amount of harassment was overwhelming and unacceptable. Lina and Gorge shared with the administration that they were part of a group text that involved the threat of rape.

Gloria, meanwhile, noted that many students she met have neglectful parents and have experienced tragic losses during their time in high school. “Trauma unites the student body at Highland Park”, Shane said, suggesting a trauma group be established.


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