Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend


Chelsy Davy is a former girlfriend of the United Kingdom’s Prince Harry. She was in attendance at the ceremony for his wedding to American actress Meghan Markle.

Davy, a Zimbabwean national, dated Prince Harry for several years prior to his relationship with Markle. Davy has been invited to the Royal Wedding on May 19, but not to the reception that will follow.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was Invited to Prince Harry & Meghan’s Wedding Ceremony but Not the Evening Reception & Feels Snubbed

Chelsy Davy

Vanity Fair recently reported that Davy did receive an invite to the Royal Wedding. However, the outlet specifies, she is one of a few people who made the list for the ceremony and reception, but not “the exclusive evening reception.” Vanity Fair quotes an unnamed friend of Davy’s, who says Davy isn’t happy about not making the cut for the later celebration at Frogmore Castle, although 200 guests, including the Spice Girls, did.

“‘Chelsy has been telling everyone she has been invited to the wedding and she is shopping for the perfect gown,’ the source said. ‘She wants to look her very best and has been given a plus-one, but she has said she has not been invited to the evening party. Her nose is a bit out of joint but we’ve told her she’s lucky to be going to the actual wedding. She’s still hoping she might be asked to attend the evening party, too,'” the Vanity Fair story reads.

Davy attended the 2011 wedding of Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, to Kate Middleton, Us Weekly reports.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew, was also not invited to the evening celebration, which the National Post describes as “the latest flashpoint in a long history of tension between the Windsors and the former wife of the Queen’s second son.”

2. She Dated Prince Harry Off & on From 2004-10 & Once Announced Their Breakup With a Facebook Update

Chelsy Davy

Davy and Prince Harry met while she was boarding at Stowe School, a private school located in Stowe, Buckinghamshire (she had previously attended Cheltenham College in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire). The former couple dated off-and-on beginning in 2004, having what the Daily Mail described as a “turbulent romance.” The outlet reports that Harry and Davy’s paths crossed again when he was traveling abroad to Zimbabwe, her home country, prior to beginning his military career.

“In a letter home to a former schoolfriend, Harry wrote that Chelsy was ‘the love of my life – this one’s unreal’. Announcing on his 21st birthday in 2005 that she was officially his girlfriend, Harry made the only public comment he has ever given about her, saying: ‘I would love to tell everyone how amazing she is. But you know, that is my private life,'” the Daily Mail report reads.

The pair split up in 2007 but rekindled their relationship temporarily. In 2009, Davy made another split public via social media.

“Her online profile was altered to say: “Relationship: Not in one.” As is customary with Facebook, all Miss Davy’s friends received a red broken heart graphic telling them that her relationship with the third in line to the throne had come to an end,” the Telegraph reported at the time.

Hello Magazine reports that Davy remains friends with Princess Eugenie, who later introduced Prince Harry to another former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

3. She Is a Zimbabwean National

Chelsy Davy


Davy’s native land is Zimbabwe. She was born October 13, 1985, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to Charles and Beverly Donald Davy. Charles Davy is reported to have made millions with HHK Safaris, a business that received plenty of scrutiny.

“Charles Davy has accumulated a multimillion-dollar fortune through his big game hunting business, HHK Safaris, which survived the wholesale seizure of white-owned farms and game reserves under the regime of Robert Mugabe,” the Independent reported in 2006. The outlet went on to report that Charles Davy was under investigation “for the illegal export of large sums of foreign currency.”

Charles Davy maintained a business relationship with Webster Shamu, a senior minister in the Zimbabwe government. The Independent reported that this tie to Mugabe’s regime was a “cause of unease” for the United Kingdom and that a potential link, via marriage would have been “unthinkable.”

Nehanda Radio reported in 2011 that Charles Davy was implicated in the illegal trading of ivory.

Beverley Davy, according to the Daily Beast, was the former Miss Coca-Cola Rhodesia.

4. She Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics From the University of Cape Town & She Went on to Law School

Chelsy Davy

Davy studied at the University of Cape Town, in Western Cape province, South Africa, between 2003-06, according to her LinkedIn profile. The site lists her degree as a bachelor of commerce, studying politics, philosophy and economics. She went on to study at the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, where she earned a bachelor of laws degree, before completing a legal practice course at the University of Law’s Moorgate campus.

In 2009, as reported by the Telegraph, Davy took a job at Allen and Overy following her graduation from Leeds. The outlet noted that the firm had advised Edward VIII during the process of abdicating in the 1930s.

During her time with Allen and Overy, the Daily Mail ran a story about the firm sending an internal memo regarding dress code.

“‘We’ve been asked to draw your attention to the fact that HR have received numerous complaints about the way female trainees have been dressing around the office,’ said the email.

‘The main problem seems to be very short skirts and high heels and generally looking like we’re going clubbing instead of to the office,'” the Daily Mail reported.

5. She Has Her Own Jewelry Line

Chelsy Davy

In 2016, Davy launched her very own jewelry line. AYA was created by Davy after she studied at the Gemological Institute of America. She wanted to draw on her culture to create some truly unique, beautiful pieces. For this reason, the gemstones used in the line are sourced from all over Africa.

“Africa has always been an integral part of my life and will always be my home. It is an absolutely fascinating continent and I was inspired by its rich culture and the bold and vibrant nature of African design,” she said in a statement.

Davy’s collection consists of a variety of rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

“AYA, founded by Chelsy Davy, was born out of a love for Africa. Raised in Zimbabwe, Chelsy has always had a great affinity for the continent of her birth. Having travelled extensively through Africa, immersing herself in the different cultures of many countries like Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania, she has been deeply inspired by its beauty; both in the land, and in its people,” reads the company’s website.

Interestingly, Davy doesn’t use any diamonds in her jewelry because she feels the other gemstones are pretty enough on their own. According to the International Business Times, Davy had a good amount of support at her launch. In fact, her good pal — and cousin of her ex, Prince Harry — Princess Eugenie was present at the event.