Britney Spears Wears String Bottoms on Stage, ‘Freaks’ Over Not Wearing Spats

Britney Spears panties


Britney Spears is currently on tour, taking a break from her time in Las Vegas to visit fans in other areas of the world. On Monday, August 6, the pop princess performed in Berlin, and on Wednesday, she is set to perform in Denmark.

As a performer, Spears has been known to wear very skimpy outfits while on stage, but she tried something a bit new on this tour — she showed full leg. While you might think that showing full leg isn’t out of the ordinary for Spears, she made mention of it in her recent Instagram post.

“It’s been a while since I’ve shown full leg on stage… actually freaked me out how light I felt not wearing spats… I almost didn’t know who I was,” Spears captioned the following video.

As you can see, Spears was wearing an interesting get up, featuring a pair of black string bottoms and a red sports-bra-like top. However, you might be wondering what “spats” are. Spats are pieces of fabric that go over a person’s shoe. It appears as though Spears wasn’t wearing any covering on her shoes during that song — and it was weird for her.

After wrapping her “Piece of Me” Tour, Spears will be heading back to Las Vegas to start her new residency. She parted ways with Planet Hollywood at the end of 2017, and will be performing at the Monte Carlo Resort. According to Us Weekly, the resort made her an offer she simply couldn’t refuse.

“They made the offer and she just couldn’t refuse. She loves Vegas,” a source told the outlet back in January. No details about Spears’ new show — or what it will be called — have been announced.

Spears released her album Glory in 2016. She hasn’t released any new music since then, but rumors have been swirling that she will be recording a song with Pitbull, since the two are touring in Europe together.