Alien on ‘The Masked Singer’: Is La Toya Jackson the Performer?

The Masked Singer Alien


The Masked Singer is back, and people are itching to find out the identity of the alien.

Our money is on the alien being LaToya Jackson. What clues support that? Who else could the alien be? Read on.

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The alien has given us a fair number of clues so far. First off, she has a gold music record attached to her costume, leading us to believe that she could be a Grammy winner. At the very least, she is a music artist, or has some background in the field.

The alien says she grew up in the public eye and doesn’t ever want to be “controlled” again. She adds that for the first time ever, the world gets to hear her voice on her own terms. This could mean that she comes from a musical family, or was part of a musical group. The alien also says she has many sisters.

La Toya Jackson comes from the Jackson family, which has been famous for the past five decades. Her father, Joe, is also known for being quite strict when it came to raising his children.

As Gold Derby points out, La Toya was also married for eight years to her manager, Jack Gordon. They divorced in 1997; it could be Gordon she’s referring to when she says, “I let others define me but no one will ever control me again.”

Inquisitr points out that the five aliens on the stage could also be a hint at the Jackson Five, which her brothers were a part of.

Many people immediately believed the alien was Kendall Jenner. That theory was squashed as soon as the alien’s 5’5″ height was revealed. (Kendall is 5’10”.

The Masked Singer became a success overnight, with ratings flying through the roof. For those of you still confused how it works or who are new to the show, you should know that it features a panel of judges that include Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, comedian Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy. The judges all come up with their own guesses about the identities of the people under the mask. The masked celebrities are then voted on by the audience in the room. At the end of the episode, one of the masked singers is eliminated. His or her true identity is then revealed.

Is the alien really La Toya Jackson? Will she be unmasked tonight? Find out tonight on Fox at 9pm ET/PT.

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