[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]: Luke Wilson’s Colgate Super Bowl Commercial 2019

Luke Wilson Colgate Ad

Luke Wilson is here to show us that there’s no such thing as too close.

This year, the actor is teaming up with Colgate Total for the oral hygiene company’s first-ever Super Bowl ad. The spot is slated to air during the third quarter’s second commercial break. It shows Wilson infringing on his coworker’s personal space as he describes the pros of using Colgate Total.

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In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Wilson discussed what it was like shooting the 30-second spot just inches away from his fellow actors’ faces. “We would start with what I thought was pretty close to each other,” Wilson says. “And Bryan, the director, would say, ‘Okay that looks good. If you could just get closer…’ I was basically nose to nose with everyone.” Wilson goes on to admit that he made use of Colgate Total between shots to make sure his breath was fresh for acting in such close quarters.

Asked how it was working with Buckley, Wilson said that they had met one another a number of times over the years. “I was really glad that he was the guy directing because for me, it was semi-unchartered territory… he’s one of those guys where you can tell how much everyone likes him.”

The actor goes on to admit that while he knew, heading to set, he wasn’t going to be working alongside his fellow actors for multiple months, as he would during a film shoot, he was still able to get in a groove with everyone on set. “It makes a difference,” he explains. “I was comfortable trying out new things.”

The commercial features Colgate Total’s toothpaste and its many added benefits, which include reducing sensitivity to strengthening teeth and fighting germs and bacteria. In a statement, Vice President of Marketing for Colgate North America, Bill Van De Graaf, said, “This is our biggest launch since we revolutionized the oral care market with the original Colgate Total toothpaste more than twenty years ago… It’s only fitting that we debut our new campaign during the most watched television program of the year. It’s a way to introduce this breakthrough product on a scale that you simply can’t achieve any other way.”

The spot was shot in cinematic reality; meaning it appears hyper-realistic with film-quality detail. According to a press release for the spot, the ad is part of a larger campaign by Colgate that includes digital, social, and PR elements in addition to the commercial. The statement reads, “Colgate is replacing original Colgate Total following more than a decade of development, including dozens of laboratory and clinical studies. The breakthrough technology has 40 patents granted, and 86 pending patents globally.”

With so many eyes on the commercial, Wilson is hopeful that viewers at home will think the commercial is as funny as he does.

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