‘Mexican Dynasties’ Cast Spoilers & Families

Getty Fernando Allende (L) and Mari Mediavilla

Bravo’s new reality series Mexican Dynasties focuses on three prominent Mexican families and the drama that comes from their personal and professional relationships. The series airs tonight at 10/9 c, so we’ve assembled a primer on the cast and the families that will be involved. Learn more about them below.

The Bessudo Family

Raquel Bessudo – The matriarch of the Bessudo family, Raquel is a TV actor and personality known as the “Grand Dame of Beauty” in Mexico. Her husband Leon, whom she was married to for 58 years, recently passed away.

Doris Bessudo – Doris is Raquel and Leon’s daughter. She moved back to Mexico City after her father’s death and now works as Raquel’s business manager. She also has two children with her husband Jorge.

The Allende Family

Fernando Allende – The patriarch of the Allende family, Fernando is one of Mexico’s most beloved entertainers. He’s appeared in dozens of TV shows and films in both Mexico and the United States. Fernando is also an accomplished singer, painter, and tequila maker.

Marí Mediavilla – Marí has been married to Fernando for over 30 years. She originally hails from Puerto Rico, and she works as Fernando’s career manager, according to Refinery 29.

Elan Allende – Elan is the oldest son of Fernando and Mari.  He and his wife Jenny don’t live in Mexico City. Elan was previously in a band with his brother Adán, and while the band is now defunct, Elan continues to release music covers on his YouTube channel.

Jenny Allende – Jenny is Elan’s wife. She is a former beauty queen who represented Puerto Rico at the 2009 Miss World pageant. They have two children together: Maria Valentina and Fernando Jose.

Adán Allende – Adán is Fernando and Mari’s youngest son. He currently lives with his parents in Mexico City, and is trying to launch a solo career as a singer and actor. His YouTube channel has an assortment of vlogs, music videos, and covers of classic rock bands like Queen.

The Madrazo Family

Oscar Madrazo – Oscar Madrazo is a businessman who owns Contempo Models, which is the largest modeling agency in Latin America. Oscar hosts a show called “Que Madrazo.” According to his Bravo profile, Oscar is the first openly gay man in Mexico to have children through surrogacy. His twins Anyk and Axel are now 13.

Paulina Madrazo – Paulina is Oscar’s sister. She is an executive at his modeling agency and the co-host of “Que Madrazo.” Paulina is a divorced mother of two who has an incredibly close bond with her brother and considers him to be her “soul mate.”

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