Caroline Visser & Angie Jibaja Missing in Peru

Caroline Visser Angie Jibaja missing

Instagram/Angie Jibaja Angie Jibaja pictured on her Instagram page in December 2018

Caroline Visser and Angie Jibaja, both models, are missing in Latin America with local media reports suggesting that drugs may be involved. Jibaja, a native of Peru, and Visser, a native of Venezuela, were first reported to be missing in the Peruvian capital, Lima, on March 13.

Leaked conversations between the two that were reported by Peruvian broadcaster ATV show the two speaking in code on March 12. The report says that the pair can be heard talking about planning to buy something.

Tendendicas in Peru reports that Visser has regularly been seen at Jibaja’s side in recent months. The outlet says the search for the pair is centered around the La Victoria, Lince and Callao, neighborhoods of Lima.

Ojo reports that Visser has spent time in prison in 2012 due to her association with drug kingpin Carlos Alvarez Arrieta aka Uncle Charlie. Reports say that Visser was arrested when she was found in Arrieta’s bunker as it was raided by the police. Visser spent four months in prison for her offenses.

Visser has also spent time in drug rehabilitation due to a crack cocaine addiction, according to La Republic. The newspaper says that Visser was also reported missing in 2013. One report describes Visser as falling “into the deepest abyss of decay” due to her drug addiction.

Visser said in a 2012 interview with La Republica that she had met “Uncle Charlie” through a friend, having moved to Peru in 2005.

In September 2013, Peru 21 reported that Visser had just completed drug rehabilitation. Visser told the station at the time, via Google Translate, “I was never missing, I was only withdrawn from Lima, with my rehabilitation therapies.” Visser said that after leaving rehab, she was already planning to return to the catwalk.

Jibaja’s mother, Maggie Liza, said in an appearance on Peruvian television that authorities had taken away her mother’s children in a temporary measure. Also in March 2019. Jibaja publicly accused the father of her children, singer Jean-Paul Santa Maria, of not paying his fair share of child support.

Liza worried that her daughter not having access to her children would result in Jibaja drinking alcohol to excess.

Jibaja spent time in rehab earlier in 2019 but had left after a short time because she not satisfied with the psychiatric care, her mother said.

Just prior to her disappearance, Jibaja posted a video to her Instagram in which the model talked about how angry she was with her mother.

Jibaja last made headlines before her disappearance when she publicly insulted former boyfriend Felipe Lasso by saying that he “only worked as a waiter.”

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