R. Kelly Crying Memes: Twitter Reacts to the R&B Singer’s Interview


R Kelly gave an interview with CBS News that will air in full on Wednesday and Thursday — but the snippet that was teased out on Tuesday was more than enough to send the internet into a tailspin.

R Kelly crying memes are being released in torrents in reaction to a part of the interview in which Kelly bursts into tears. There are just as many people releasing memes and reactions of frustration that the R&B singer is getting any attention, let along lighthearted attention.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Most Intense Memes & Reactions to R Kelly Crying in His CBS News Interview

R. Kelly disputes sexual abuse allegations in explosive interviewIn his first interview since being charged with aggravated sexual abuse, R. Kelly told "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King the accusations are lies. The charges involve four women, three of whom were underage at the time of the alleged events. For further details: cbsnews.com/news/r-kelly-interview-breaks-his-silence-sexual-abuse-claims-today-2019-03-06/ cbsnews.com/news/r-kelly-denies-sexual-abuse-allegations-in-explosive-interview-2019-03-05/ cbsnews.com/news/r-kelly-interview-breaks-his-silence-sexual-abuse-claims-today-2019-03-06/ cbsnews.com/news/r-kelly-interview-singer-says-azriel-clary-joycelyn-savage-parents-handed-them-over-to-him-today-2019-03-06/ Subscribe to the "CBS Evening News" Channel…2019-03-06T00:25:38.000Z

Here are some of the most popular R Kelly crying memes and reactions, following the release of the interview teaser to YouTube:

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