Benicio Bryant: Singer Performs on America’s Got Talent Live Quarterfinals Tonight

Benicio Bryant AGT finals

NBC AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Season:14 -- Pictured: Benicio Bryant

Americas Got Talent season 14 continues Tuesday, August 27 at 8/7c on NBC, with more live performances from talented hopefuls, including 14-year-old singer-songwriter Benicio Bryant.

The episode synopsis for the third night of Quarter Finals simply reads “Performers take the stage live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood as judging is turned over to the American viewing audience; with judges Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel and host Terry Crews.”

Although the episode will be airing live, and we can’t know what to expect when the performers step on stage to do their acts, what we do know is who will be performing for Quarter Finals 3. The Tuesday, August 27 acts who will be performing in addition to Benicio Bryant are Berywam, Detroit Youth Choir, Dom Chambers, Emanne Beasha, Eric Chien, Gonzo, Jackie Fabulous, Lukas & Falco, MacKenzie, Marcin Patrzalek, and Matthew Richardson.

Bryant Was Almost Eliminated During the Judge Cuts Round of Competition

WOW! 14-Year-Old Singer Benicio Bryant Takes Risk With Original Song – America's Got Talent 2019Benicio Bryant sings his original song, "Here Goes Nothing" and impresses guest judge Jay Leno! » Get The America's Got Talent App: » Subscribe for More: » Stream Anytime: AMERICA'S GOT TALENT ON SOCIAL Like AGT: Follow AGT: AGT Tumblr: AGT Instagram: In season 14, NBC's America's Got…2019-08-02T13:00:07.000Z

During the judge cuts round of competition, Benicio raised the bar by singing and playing guitar to an original song, which he entitled “Here Goes Nothing.” After the judges deliberated which acts to send through, they brought Benicio and singer Jordan Ravi into the room to deliver the news that only one of them would be given a spot in the quarterfinals.

Suddenly, Cowell spoke up and asked the two singers to leave the room so he could talk to the judges once more about their decision. Although parts of the conversation were cut out to maintain suspense for the viewers at home, it seemed that Cowell changed his mind about sending through Ravi, and encouraged the judges to changed their minds too, to instead take Benicio into the live shows.

Although Cowell and the other judges ultimately chose to bring him into the live shows, whether he stays or leaves the competition is no longer their decision to make. If you are a fan of Bryant’s, make sure to vote to help him through to the semifinals. Only the 7 acts with the most votes will make it through; 5 acts will be sent home by the end of Wednesday’s live show.

Bryant Has Live Performance Experience, Which Will Help Him During Quarterfinals

Before auditioning for America’s Got Talent, Bryant competed on Germany’s “The Voice Kids,” and finished in second place at the end of the televised singing competition. His experience competing on a talent show in the past will certainly help him as he performs live for the first time on the AGT stage, but he will still have to bring his A-game against his competitors, many of whom are much older than him and have more years of experience.

Of the experience, he told the Renton Reporter “It’s just like TV you know, you see it on TV and it’s the exact same thing and all of the coaches are really famous and, I really didn’t know who they were, but it was cool seeing the audience react to them when they were sitting in the seats, it was really cool… It was different from singing for my family, definitely, it was nerve-racking, but it was fun, I really liked it.”

Tune in to new episodes of America’s Got Talent season 14, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.