Who Does John Paul Jones End Up With on BIP?

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John Paul Jones has had a polarizing season on Bachelor In Paradise. He was at the center of a fight between two female contestants, and his argument with Derek Peth led to the latter walking off the show. Given all these events, one might be curious to find out who Jones ends up with at the end of the season. Who does JPJ romance by the finale?

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens to John Paul Jones during season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise.

Reality Steve reports that JPJ ends up connecting with Tayshia Adams for most of the season. They became close following the accusations he leveled at Derek. “A man that takes advantage of women … doesn’t really strike me as a man of integrity,” he told another contestant. “I think Tayisha deserves more than that.” He then confronted Derek about his intentions, and the latter became emotional. Tayshia took JPJ’s side, and Derek quit the show.

Following the drama, Tayshia gives JPJ her rose during the fourth ceremony. In the promo for episode nine, JPJ is seen opening up to Tayshia, and admits that he has very strong feelings for her. “I just wanted to let you know just how strong my feelings are for you,” he says, visibly fighting back tears. “I don’t want to scare you away.”

John Paul Jones Ends Up with Tayshia Adams on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

The couple gushed to one another during the ceremony. “Tayshia is everything I look for in a woman. She’s a good person, she’s very intelligent, she’s very hard working,” JPJ said. “Tayshia is like the hottest I have ever talked to. I would love to get Tayshia’s rose tonight.” Tayshia was similarly enthusiastic in her feelings towards JPJ.

“John Paul Jones, not only do you have amazing hair and look hot in a speedo, but I love your intelligence,” she said. JPJ gives Tayshia a rose during the fifth ceremony and they remain together until the final rose ceremony of the season, where contestants have to decide whether to take overnight dates or split up and go separate ways.

The Couple Reconciled After Splitting Up During the Finale

JPJ and Tayshia ultimately decide to split up and turn down the overnight date. Reality Steve reveals that it was Tayshia who decided to end things. Fortunately, for fans of the couple, there is hope. In a revision to his previous report, Reality Steve writes that JPJ and Tayshia reconnected after the season was done filming, and that they are currently an item. “All 3 engaged couples are still engaged,” he revealed. “Dean and Caelynn are still together and dating, or whatever you want to call it. JPJ and Tayshia are seeing each other.”