AHS 1984 Spoilers: Who Died on Episode 4 Tonight? [Live Death Recap]

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American Horror Story season 9 episode 4, titled “True Killers,” airs tonight at 10/9c on FX. The episode synopsis reads, “Mr. Jingles closes in on the one who got away as the counselors rally to escape Camp Redwood.” Promos for tonight’s episode promises a few major reveals, a long-awaited reunion and some interesting back stories. (WARNING! MAJOR American Horror Story SPOILERS ahead, so turn back now if you’re not caught up!)

Tonight’s episode promises to dive into more detail about Montana’s connection to the Night Stalker, so viewers will hopefully find out why she is having him terrorize Brooke and why Montana wants Brooke dead in the first place. The clip below also shows Mr. Jingles reuniting with Margaret, the only victim that escaped his murderous bloodbath 14 years earlier. It appears that Mr. Jingles (or some other bloodthirsty psychopath) has set up even more traps throughout the woods, including a giant, swinging, spiked tree log, and the Night Stalker might have bitten off more than he can chew by coming to Camp Redwood while Mr. Jingles is on the loose. It looks like the two end up meeting during tonight’s episode, so we’ll see how that plays out and if the Night Stalker becomes one of Mr. Jingles’ victims before he can kill Brooke.

This article will explore tonight’s episode of American Horror Story in detail as we do a live recap while it airs. If you aren’t completely caught up and don’t want anything spoiled for you, this is your OFFICIAL SPOILER WARNING! Turn back now or proceed at your own risk. Otherwise continue reading for details regarding tonight’s episode as well as a LIVE DEATH RECAP throughout. Don’t forget to refresh the page every few minutes to keep up with the live spoilers.

We will update this story as soon as the episode airs, so stayed tuned and thanks for reading! The episode premieres at 10 p.m. ET on FX. In the meantime, catch up on spoilers for tonight’s episode here, and check back soon for live updates on “True Killers.” Be sure to check out this author’s page for more weekly AHS coverage, including fan theoriesepisode details and more.

Keep in mind that this article will be written in real time, so please excuse the casual tone and any minor mistakes that might be made initially. I will go back through and edit the article as soon as the episode ends. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

The episode kicks off with a flashback of Montana teaching a (sexually charged, slightly erotic) aerobics class. The Night Stalker, whose real name is Richard Ramirez, is watching through the window as the the class dances and Montana grinds up against a mirror. Ramirez walks into the room and appears to be dancing to Billy Idol and enjoying the music Montana is playing. Montana notices the knives he has sticking out of his belt and makes a joke about them, when somebody starts telling about the music and demands Montana change it to something more upbeat. Montana starts fighting with the guy, flips him off and kicks him out.

Montana closes up shop and heads to the locker room, where she finds the guy who was yelling at her earlier strung up dead and hanging over her locker. Ramirez walks in and asks if she appreciates the “gift” he left for her. Montana slaps the Night Stalker, tells him his gift is the hottest and most “f–ked up” thing anybody has ever done for her, and the two start getting frisky beneath the dead, hanging body while Ramirez licks blood off her feet.

After the two have sex, Montana asks if Ramirez would kill for her, and another flashback reveals that Montana was the brother of the man Brooke’s fiance accused her of sleeping with (right before the fiance shot and killed him, and then himself). Montana was devastated that Brooke’s fiance killed her brother and asks Ramirez to kill Brooke in return, but to make her suffer too. She wants revenge for her dead brother, who she believes Brooke did sleep with, despite Brooke’s denial.

Jumping back to present day, Montana asks Ramirez again why he didn’t kill Brooke yet. She tells him to get his “shit together” because there is another killer running around, and that they need to kill Brooke and get out of Camp Redwood before Mr. Jingles finds them.

Xavier and Trevor bring Chet back to a cabin where he appears to die, but Trevor decides to stab him with an epipen, which doesn’t do anything. Oh wait, I spoke too soon … Chet is apparently alive again, so there are no deaths just yet, at this point in the episode. As they try to figure out how to escape, Xavier remembers the porn guy who visited him earlier was killed while peeping in the showers during last week’s episode, and they decide to try to find the rest of the group before making a break porn guy’s car.

Trevor stumbles across Margaret, who found one of the dead bodies of the Mr. Jingles imposters from last week’s episode. She refuses to leave with Trevor because there is a “school bus filled with excited campers arriving at 7 a.m.” and she insists they will be perfectly safe because she “has a gun.” Trevor takes off running, while Xavier goes to find Birdie, the camp chef/cook. He tries to convince her that Mr. Jingles is coming, when they suddenly hear his jingling keys. Mr. Jingles walks through the door and Birdie tells him how nice it is to see him in her canteen again. She asks if he wants some food, and offers to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Mr. Jingles asked her why she came back, and she tells him that she wanted to help Margaret cope with the trauma that he put her through 14 years ago. He raises his machete and cuts the crust right off the sandwich, and just as Xavier tries to start sneaking away (he is hiding beneath the table), he accidentally makes a loud sound and alerts Mr. Jingles of her whereabouts. Mr. Jingles comes after him, knocks him out, and stabs Birdie multiple times (it’s unclear if she is dead or not, but he definitely shoved her over a table and appeared to stab her several times). He stuffs Xavier in the giant oven and cranks the heat before leaving the cabin.

The scene cuts over to Brooke, who finally wakes up (after fake Rita knocked her out and drugged her last week) and it appears she is locked in a small shed or a storage room of some sort. She breaks the door down and takes off running through the woods alone, just like every woman in every slasher film that’s ever existed. She nearly gets smoked in the face by a giant, swinging, spiked trap, and although she avoids the spiked death log, she does get caught in a net, which apparently fake Rita set up. Rita confronts Brooke and reveals that she helped Jingles escape so that she can study him; she says she is going to leave Brooke hanging in the tree to see if Jingles will kill her while she is caught in a trap and helpless, or if he needs the “thrill of the hunt” to kill again.

Meanwhile, Xavier continues to cook in the oven. He suddenly sees Birdie, who presses her face up against the oven door before helping him escape. She is barely alive, covered in blood and can’t speak, but she hands him a knife and asks him to kill her. He puts her out of her misery by stabbing a knife through her heart, so Chef Birdie is definitely dead.

Cut to Montana walking through the woods looking for Brooke, when she stumbles across her nemesis hanging in the tree. Brooke tells her about Rita while Montana tries to help her down. Brooke asks her to go get something sharp, and Montana tells her how brave she is. Brooke says “I just want this to be over,” and Montana responds “it will be soon, I promise.” Foreshadowing anybody?!

The scene jumps over to Margaret and Jingles. Another flashback shows the two talking 14 years earlier while attending Camp Redwood. It appears that the two were friends back in the day; Jingles was carving her a little wooden bear for “protection.” Some other campers start to make fun of them and claim they are lovers, so Jingles tells Margaret that he would “do anything to protect her,” and that she doesn’t deserve to be treated so badly by the other campers, so it’s starting to look like they might have been in cahoots for the mass murder. Did Margaret hire Jingles to kill everyone who bullied her?

Jumping back to present day, Montana shows the Night Stalker where Brooke is while she still dangles from a tree; she tells him she wants to watch Brooke die, so they come back to the clearing where Brooke is hanging and Montana hides in the bushes. Just as he is about to attack Brooke, Mr. Jingles emerges from the woods. It’s about to go down between Jingles and Ramirez.

At this point in the episode, it’s starting to look like Margaret might have manipulated Jingles into killing all those campers 14 years ago, based on the clip of the two together at Camp Redwood. It’s clear he had/has feelings for her, and after she asked if he would do anything for her, it appears the two planned the attack together, which is why she survived. Does Jingles realize he was used and want his revenge on Margaret for using his feelings against him?

It’s about to go down between the Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles. Jingles tells Ramirez he “doesn’t want to do this,” and Ramirez says he does. He revels in the bloody history of the Camp Redwood massacre, and he hopes to add his own fair share of spilled blood to the mix. The two start fighting and Jingles cuts his stomach open. While Jingles and the Night Stalker are fighting, Montana confronts fake Rita, who is hiding in the bushes (to observe Jingles) about her role in releasing Jingles. The two get into a scuffle and Rita kicks Montana in the face, grabs a rock and goes after her. Montana retaliates, hits her with a huge stick and starts to run, while Ramirez cuts Jingles leg open and stabs him in the back. They are both getting some good licks in, but Jingles is the ultimate winner after he takes the Night Stalker and slams him against a tree, jamming a branch through the back of his skull and killing him. Richard Ramirez, the infamous Night Stalker, is dead.

Mr. Jingles finally finds Margaret, who is praying in one of the cabins. She calls him by his old nickname, “Benjie,” and asks him why he came back to the Camp Redwood. He says he wants to finish what he started, and another flashback shows Jingles being arrested after the massacre. He claims he doesn’t remember killing anybody, but the police find the ears in his tool box and suddenly another clip shows him strapped down in a straight jacket while Dr. Hopple administers shock therapy.

Flash forward to real time, Margaret tells him that he forgot everything about that night. She says he was supposed to protect her, but he didn’t, and the other campers kept bullying her, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and killed all of the campers herself. Jingles doesn’t believe her and says that she’s lying, that he killed all of those campers, but, in a surprising turn of events, Margaret says the shock treatment and his PTSD scrambled his memories and he didn’t actually kill anybody, he just took the fall for her. She admits to letting him take the fall, having him locked away and accusing him of attacking the camp. She tells him that he was just the “wrong guy in the right place at the right time.”

He has a hard time accepting what she is saying, but realizes in the end that Margaret set him up. He tells her that he really is the monster that she made him believe he was, and as he pulls out the machete and attempts to kill her, she puts several rounds in his chest. It’s unclear if Mr. Jingles is dead, but he definitely took a few bullets, so we might be updating this post with another death shortly.

As Mr. Jingles is lying on the floor, Margaret tells him she will “lay [her] sins upon him one more time,” before Trevor comes running into the room to try to “rescue” Margaret. Trevor  thinks that she killed Jingles, and announces, “you did it, you killed him!” before she turns to him and ominously says “just after he killed you,” before stabbing him in the guts. She then cuts off his ear and talks about how good it feels to kill again, so Trevor is definitely super dead. But OH SNAP, Mr. Jingles isn’t! When she looks up from Trevor’s dead body, there is only a blood stain on the carpet and he is gone.

Jingles takes off running through the woods before he comes across Xavier, who is still covered in burns and dying. Xavier begs Jingles to kill him, but Jingles says “that was never me.” Jingles takes off just as Brooke arrives to help Xavier, and they notice a big, fiery explosion in the distance. Margaret and the rest of the gang (who are still alive) are standing beside a fiery car (which Margaret obviously set on fire so that she can kill the rest of the campers).

The final scene in the episode involve the Night Stalker; the cameras pan over his dead body in the woods, when he suddenly becomes animated once again. Fake Rita, who was apparently just knocked out when she was fighting with Montana, witnesses him coming back to life, just as the episode comes to an end.

Fans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out by tuning in next week at the same time to catch episode 5, titled “Red Dawn,” on FX. I will be doing another live death recap, so stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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