‘Watchmen’: Rumors & Updates About Pirate Jenny & Adelaide Clemens

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Watchmen is premiering tonight on HBO, and many fans just can’t stop talking about Adelaide Clemens and whether she’s still playing the role of Pirate Jenny. Her role in the series has been confusing, with many rumors and questions. Here’s a roundup of what we know so far. This article will have minor spoilers for Watchmen. 

Early on Adelaide Clemens Was Rumored To Be Pirate Jenny, But Now It’s Not So Clear

At this time, it’s not confirmed if Adelaide Clemens plays Pirate Jenny or someone else or if she’s even in the series at all. But early reviews from people who say they saw the show indicate that Clemens is likely not playing the role of Pirate Jenny.

Deadline reported last year that Clemens was cast in the series and was likely playing the role of Pirate Jenny. PopSugar was one of the earlier sources indicating that she was definitely cast in that role. However, more recent sources seem to indicate that someone else is now playing the role of Pirate Jenny. It’s worth noting that IMDb still lists Clemens as appearing in eight out of nine episodes, but IMDb is notorious for not always being accurate.

On Reddit, u/T0astofWar said they saw the screening at NYCC and some of the characters you see in the premiere include Panda (Jacob Ming-Trent), Red Scare (Andrew Howard) and Pirate Jenny. They all have speaking lines, with Red Scare having the most. But “they are not major parts of the episode,” T0astofWar added.

Some people on Reddit who say they saw screeners of early episodes (though it can’t be confirmed), have said that Clemens does not appear in the series’ earlier episodes. Of course, some characters are masked so speculation still remains.

For example, u/MauryNOR on Reddit said that Clemens is not in the show and her role as Pirate Jenny was taken over by Jessica Camacho, who played Gypsy on The Flash. Parade noted that she has a recurring role on Watchmen. Here’s a video of Camacho at the Watchmen premiere at ArcLight Theatre.

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Most viewers believe this is Pirate Jenny from the trailer, and she looks like Camacho:


Redditor u/T0astofWar wrote about Pirate Jenny: “Pirate Jenny is in the pilot, but I don’t know if it was Adelaide… She had the costume on in all her scenes.”

As for Jessica Camacho, if she takes over as Pirate Jenny, she’ll be great in the role. Her credits include Another Life (Michelle Vargas), All Rise (Emily Lopez), Blink, Taken (Santana), The Flash (Gypsy), Sleepy Hollow (Sophie Foster), Minority Report, Longmire, Rizzoli & Isles, Veronica Mars, NCIS LA, Last Resort (Pilar), Nikita (Rachel), and more.

Adelaide Clemens, meanwhile, has gathered quite a following for herself. If you peruse the Watchmen subreddit, for example, you’ll see numerous people asking if she’s in the series and hoping that she’s still playing Pirate Jenny. Her credits include Tommy (2019-2020 in nine episodes), After the Harvest II, Voltron (voice), I’ll Find You, To the Stars, Rabbit, Avenues, Rectify (Tawney Talbot in 30 episodes), The Automatic Hate, The World Made Straight, The Great Gatsby (Catherine), Silent Hill: Revelation, Parade’s End, The Pacific, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Love My Way (Harper), Pirate Islands (Alison), and more.

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