Are Carmella & Boyfriend Corey Graves Still Together?

Carmella and Corey Graves


Carmella is dating WWE commentator Corey Graves on the current season of Total Divas, and their relationship has led to several controversies regarding Corey’s ex-wife, and whether or not Carmella entered the picture while he was still married. As such, there are many who speculate as to whether Carmella and Corey are still together. Are they no longer in a relationship or have they managed to work past the drama?

The controversy kicked off in February, when Corey’s ex-wife Amy Polinsky accused him of cheating with Carmella. “This may be totally below me to do but I’m hurt. I’m sad,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I’ve put 11 years into supporting a man to accomplish his dream only for him to punch me in the gut! The kicker is finding out that he’s been sleeping with one of my daughters’ role models all [along]. Carmella and Corey Graves, I hope you guys are happy. I really do!”

Carmella Has Been Dogged By Rumors That She Broke Up Corey Graves’ Marriage

Corey denied these accusations during an appearance on the Chasing Glory podcast. “The story that was making the rounds was not accurate,” he stated. “It was made out of anger and emotion and it wasn’t what it looked like. I had been out of the house and living on my own for quite some time before that whole situation. The storm is over… And everyone has moved on and it has been for the best.”

Carmella was similarly quick to dismiss the rumors. “Let me first and foremost say, I would never wreck somebody’s home,” she explained on the Bellas Podcast. “That is not the life I’m about. I would never in a million years do that. I don’t care how hot the guy is, how in love I think I am, that is not the life that I’m about.”

Carmella & Corey Graves Are Still Together & Eager to Put the Controversy Behind Them

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“My head keeps spinnin’…” ♠️?

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Corey admitted that he’s been unable to watch Total Divas because he does not want to relive some of the more difficult times that he and Carmella have been through. “It’s been the hardest year of my life, I mean, on all aspects, just personally speaking. To be totally blunt, I have not watched a minute of it as it aired, just because I don’t want to reopen old wounds and delve back into that,” he told CBS. “I know she watches it every week, and she interacts on social media during the episodes. She’s told me there’s been a few times where it’s pretty hard. It’s rough.”

During the same interview, Corey confirmed that he and Carmella are still dating. He also said that he wants to appear on another season of Total Divas because he wants fans to see how fun their life actually is. “If nothing else, [the controversy] made us both stronger people individually and together. So, I’m happy it’s in the past,” he remarked. “So, hopefully, there’s another season of Total Divas, and we actually get to see fun and show people what our life is actually like, which has been an absolute blast through the last couple months.”

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