‘The Voice’ Results 2019: Top 13 Contestants Revealed Live – Season 17

The Voice 2019 Results


Tonight was the first big results show for The Voice 2019, narrowing down the top 20 to the top 13 contestants. The top 2 contestants from each team were put through, followed by each of the coaches selecting one of their remaining artists to stay in the competition. Then, the remaining contestants would have a chance to get a wildcard spot in the competition.

Read on for tonight’s winner results and recap, as the show airs live.

“The Voice” Results for Team Blake

Team Blake was the first team up to find out some results. And, the first artist saved by America’s votes this season was … Ricky Duran. And the second person to be revealed as safe was Kat Hammock. Then it was time for Blake Shelton to save one of the three remaining contenders on his team. Before giving his decision, he said it’s been a blast working with each of them. And he chose Cali. The other two would then have a chance to compete for a wildcard spot in the competition.

Later on in the competition, Gracee Shriver was revealed as being able to participate for the wildcard Instant Save.

So, the singers left on Blake Shelton’s team are Ricky Duran, Kat Hammock, and Cali Wilson.

“The Voice” Results for Team Gwen

Team Gwen was up next and the first team member saved was Rose Short, followed by Joana Martinez. This left Kyndal Inskeep, Myracle Holloway, and Jake HaldenVang waiting for Gwen Stefani to pick one of them to move forward. Stefani said each of the contestants are so different but she said she wanted to go with her heart and she went with Holloway.

From Team Gwen, Jake HaldenVang got the Instant Save opportunity.

The artists who are left on Gwen Stefani’s team are Myracle Holloway, Joana Martinez, and Rose Short.

“The Voice” Results for Team Kelly

Kelly Clarkson’s team was up next and the first two contestants revealed as safe were Max Boyle and Jake Hoot. Then, before making her decision, Clarkson said that she had such a versatile team. She then addressed each of the remaining three singers and gave them words of love and inspiration. She then chose her team member Shane Q to move forward, calling him a chameleon.

The duo Hello Sunday on Team Kelly got the opportunity to vie for the wildcard as well.

So, the contestants left on Clarkson’s team are Max Boyle, Hello Sunday, Jake Hoot, and Shane Q.

“The Voice” Results for Team Legend

Katie Kadan and Marybeth Byrd were the first contestants on Team John Legend announced as safe. Then Legend talked about being grateful for each of them on his team. Finally, Legend had to make his choice about who to save and he went with Will Breman.

Alex Guthrie was the contestant revealed as being able to participate for the wildcard spot.

And, the remaining contestants on John Legend’s team are Will Breman, Marybeth Byrd, and Katie Kadan.

Who Got Eliminated on “The Voice” Tonight

The contestants who were voted off the show were Damali, Jake HaldenVang, Kyndal Inskeep, Alex Guthrie, Khalea Lynee, Gracee Shriver, and Ricky Braddy.

When it comes to the Wildcard performances, Gracee Shriver performed “Landslide”, Jake HaldenVang delivered a rendition of “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”, Hello Sunday sang “All By Myself”, and Alex Guthrie performed “Stay”.

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