Are Rachel & Jacob Still Together on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’?

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Rachel Beaver has been having an on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend Jacob. The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star has also stayed in touch with her baby daddy Drew, so fans are curious as to which man Rachel is prioritizing. Are her and Jacob still together? Have they broken up?

Rachel and Jacob are still together. The couple have continued to work through their differences, despite opposing views on how to raise Rachel’s daughter, and Jacob not liking the fact that Rachel’s baby daddy Drew was still around. “I haven’t heard from Drew since I made it clear I’m done with him, but Jacob still isn’t over Drew coming to the house a couple days ago,” she said during a preview of Tuesday’s episode.

Rachel & Jacob Are Still Together Despite Their Recent Disagreements

Jacob’s role as caregiver has been another point of contention. Rachel asked Jacob to watch her infant as she ran to the store with a friend, but he said he didn’t want to “waste [his] day,” and proceeded to go out for a smoke break. Rachel had to wake her mother so that she could look over Hazelee.

Rachel vented her frustrations during a confessional. “Jacob always wants to sit there and say that Hazelee’s his daughter, but then like whenever she’s laying there hungry he won’t even sit there and watch her for me to go get food,” she said. “He is a good dad, but here lately stuff has just changed between us.”

“If it’s gonna work with me and Jacob, he needs to get over his jealousy of me and Drew,” Rachel added. “If he doesn’t, then I don’t know how we can build if he’s just stuck on that subject.” In spite of these issues, Meaww reported that Rachel and Jacob are getting more serious, and may even had a child at one point.

Rachel’s Mother Fears That She Will Have Another Unplanned Pregnancy with Jacob

Rachel told her mother Stephanie that she had stopped using birth control during last week’s episode. “The reason I stopped was because every day I would take it at different times, and you’re supposed to keep it in a pattern at the same time every day, or I would skip a day,” she explained.

When Stephanie asked if she was using another form of birth control, Rachel responded by saying, “I was at first, but condoms are too f*cking expensive and I’m a broke b*tch, and I ain’t paying for that sh*t.” Stephanie voiced her disappointment, and warned Rachel that she could be heading for another pregnancy with Jacob if she wasn’t careful.

“You kept on missing, and now look — you could be pregnant again,” she reasoned. “You’ve got a three-month-old kid. Oh, by the way, let’s recap. How old was Mama when she got pregnant with Carter? How old were you? For real. Three months old. Now Rachel has a baby, three months old, and she might be pregnant.”

Rachel has over 33K followers on her Instagram account. You can check it out here.

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