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Sydney Hightower is one of the more than two dozen women competing on season 24 of The Bachelor to try to win the heart of pilot Peter Weber, the third-place finisher on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. This 24-year-old retail marketing manager is poised to make quite an impression this season, so here’s what we know about her.

Warning: Light spoilers for The Bachelor in the final segment of this article, so stop reading at that point if you do not want to be spoiled.

1. Sydney Went to High School With Hannah Brown

Meet the Women – The BachelorMeet the Women of Peter's season NOW with Chris Harrison before #TheBachelor premieres January 6 on ABC! Who's got your rose?2019-12-16T18:05:24.000Z

Sydney is a 24-year-old retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama. When she arrived at the Bachelor mansion on night one, she introduced herself to Peter by saying that “not every girl from Alabama makes bad decisions.” She was referring to the fact that Hannah is also from Alabama and she sent Peter home after spending the night with him on the Greek island of Crete.

But it isn’t just that she and Hannah are both from Alabama. They actually graduated from Tuscaloosa County High School together, class of 2013, according to the Tuscaloosa News. They also both attended the University of Alabama after high school.

Host Chris Harrison talked about the Hannah connection in his “Meet the Women” preview video where he also said of Sydney, “Talk about a surprise. Sydney walked in sweet, softspoken … but it wasn’t long before everyone knew that Sydney would say anything.”

2. Sydney Just Got Out of a Serious Relationship

Sydney’s time on The Bachelor is part of helping move on from her previous serious relationship. According to her Bachelor bio, “the end of her last relationship really crushed her.”

She was planning on moving in with her boyfriend of two years because she thought he was one. But at the last minute, he told Sydney she was not the one for him and broke it off with her. So she is picking up the pieces and seeing if Peter is the one for her.

She is off to a good start, even if she says on Instagram that she was having “a total anxiety attack” on night one.

“This. Is. It. Feeling extremely nostalgic and thankful. Tonight is the start of this incredible journey I was so blessed to be a part of. Breathe in- breathe out. —swipe left to see me having a total anxiety attack.”

3. Sydney Models and is a Certified Nursing Assistant

In addition to being a retail marketing manager, Sydney has done some modeling, working for Posh 31 Boutique in Birmingham, with Tez Davenport as the photographer. She has also worked with stylist Jamie Boggs out of Atlanta, who describes herself as a “jack-of-all-trades when it comes to fashion, from personal styling and shopping, on-air commentary and editorial shoots, to beauty makeup artistry.”

Sydney also has a profile, which lists her as a “certified nursing assistant” who is looking for babysitting and nanny jobs. She has experience with children ages 3 to 12.

She also likes to put positive vibes out there on Instagram, encouraging her followers to love themselves in a recent post, writing, “Honestly, not kidding. Self love is SO important. I keep a whole lot to myself, but I lost love for myself at one point and i can tell you now, no matter your circumstances or hurdles, loving your self should come first. Never doubt your self, we are ALL capable of such great things and we all have so much worth. So be gentle with yourself, motivate Y O U, push through the though days, and the self doubt and above all , love your self honaay!”

4. She Feels So Blessed For Her Time on The Bachelor

Sydney says that all of 2019 was a good year for her, posting to Instagram on Thanksgiving, “To say that I am Thankful today would be an understatement.

“2019 has been a year of trials, triumph, and unimaginable growth. In the last 10 months I have learned things about myself that I have never known, I have found a strength within myself that can truly overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be strong, but its also okay to let go. I have gained BEST friends that I will truly have for the rest of my life. And all along the way, I have had the support and love of my friends and family.

“So today, I am thankful to be in nestled in small town in Alabama, stuffing my face at a table with the people who have shaped me to be the woman that I am.”

It also appears as though she’s friends with some of her co-bachelorettes. There are a lot of recent comments on her Instagram from Victoria Paul, Sarah Coffin, and Kiarra Norman.

Warning: Light spoilers ahead for this season of The Bachelor.

5. Sydney Makes At Least the Top 10

We know from Reality Steve’s trusty spoilers that Sydney makes it at least to the Top 10 which puts her in the top one-third of the season’s bachelorettes. This means Sydney gets to travel to Cleveland, Costa Rica, and then Chile during her time on the show.

When they get to Chile is where Sydney ultimately says goodbye, when Peter narrows the top 10 down to the top six. She is eliminated along with two other girls and one girl who reportedly chooses to leave the show on her own — but we won’t spoil who goes home at the same point as Sydney.

But Sydney definitely gets her romantic time in with Peter while she’s there. In Harrison’s preview video for the season, he said of Sydney, “A certain bachelor, I also know, said that she may be one of the best kissers in the group.”

The previews make it look as though Peter kisses just about everybody on the show, so being called one of the best kissers in the group might just be a very high compliment.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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