When Does ‘Riverdale’ Return?

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Fans of Riverdale are going to have to wait one more week to find out how the drama will unfold on the hit CW show. Season 4 of Riverdale returns Wednesday, January 22, at 8pm ET/PT. 

Next week’s episode is Season 4, Episode 10 of the show, and is titled “Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues.” The synopsis reads, “As Riverdale High prepares for the championship football game against Stonewall Prep, Betty gets to work on a story about the rivalry between the schools; Archie is conflicted when Mary tells him about Uncle Frank’s troubled past.”

Fans were left on the edge of their seats this fall when a flash-forward sequence showed Archie, Betty, and Veronica standing over Jughead’s presumably dead body.

In a recent interview with People, Camila Mendes teased what’s to come when the show returns.

The actress, 25, shared, “There’s gonna be some news about somebody in the Lodge family that is going to be very heartbreaking and difficult, and kind of throw Veronica a curveball… There’s gonna be some news coming Veronica’s way that’s going to shake her world.”

When Will the Show End?

There’s no saying how that drama will all unravel, but for now, fans are curious when the show itself is going to wrap up for good.

In early December, the cast of Riverdale spoke to ET about the future of the show, given the fact that the characters are in their senior years.

KJ Apa shared, “As long as the fans keep watching… I mean, the show’s not called Riverdale High — it’s called Riverdale. So you never know what can happen afterwards.”

Cole Sprouse seconded that notion, saying, “… you know, naturally, as we grow older and we look older, we had to solve that problem, so it’s nice that we’re aging,” he explained. “And it also kinda frees up the universe a little bit inside Riverdale to play around with that concept. I’m excited to see where we all go.”

Lili Reinhart suggested that maybe there’s still unfinished business in the town of Riverdale for the “core four.”
Last week, Deadline announced that the CW had renewed Riverdale, along with other hit shows like Batwoman, Nancy Drew, The Flash, and All American. In fact, the network handed out pickups to all 13 of its current scripted shows, meaning there is a future in Riverdale.
CW MO under President Mark Pedowitz told the outlet, “These early orders for next season give our production teams a head start in plotting out story arcs and a jump on hiring staff, and this also provides us with a strong foundation of established, fan-favorite CW shows to build on for next season.”
CW fans are also on the lookout for the next series in the franchise, Katy Keene, a Riverdale spinoff starring Lucy Hale. The show received an order for 13 additional scripts in early January, despite the fact that it had not yet been released.
As for how the drama on Riverdale will all pan out, be sure to tune in next week, January 22, at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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