Hints that Madison Prewett Could Be ‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Winner

ABC Madison Prewett and Peter Weber

When Season 24 of The Bachelor first premiered, an early standout from the 30 contestants vying for the heart of Peter Weber was Madison Prewett, who literally flew in on a cardboard plane. And now, we’ve uncovered a trail of seriously telling clues that seem to prove she’ll soon become known as Mrs. Weber.

Madison, a 23-year-old from Auburn, Alabama, works as a foster parent recruiter and has a budding business as a freelance photographer. The Auburn University graduate has a ton of school spirit and is a major Tigers basketball fan since her father, Chad Prewett, is the team’s Director of Operations. As seen on Hometown Dates, she’s incredibly close to her family and believes their deep religious faith is what holds these relationships together.

Leading into the Fantasy Suite dates, it’s clear Madison has apprehensions as to whether or not Peter is on the same page as her when it comes to religious morals, and it’s going to cause a huge barrier between them prior to the finale.

Knowing the finale episode of The Bachelor is going to end with a cliffhanger, it was highly suspicious when Reality Steve spotted cameras filming Madison back in Alabama on February 11. If producers needed to film a wrap up of how the season truly ends, a video that would be scheduled to air during the After the Final Rose ceremony, they would need to send a camera crew to down to the home of whomever Peter ultimately picks.

Ever since Peter’s mother tearfully cried “bring her back home” in the finale preview, viewers have been dying to know which contestant she’s telling her son to fight for in the end. Knowing that Madison is filming extra footage could be a huge sign that Peter has gone after her to offer her his final rose.

After some deep-dive Instagram sleuthing, there’s another clue which appears to show that Peter does win over Madison’s father and that she’s on the path to becoming his future bride.

It’s Too Early To Film Promos For ‘The Bachelorette’

Madison Prewett

Instagram Madison Prewett

For those thinking that cameras filming Madison in Alabama was a hint that producers are considering her as the next Bachelorette star, it’s way too early for that to be on the production schedule. Promos for The Bachelorette won’t start filming until the official announcement is made, and we’re still a month away from that happening.

Whatever Madison was filming in Alabama earlier this month was related to Peter and The Bachelor. While Madison is a beautiful and charming young woman, it also seems unlikely production will choose her to be the next series’ lead. Purely based on the reality show’s format, picking someone who abstains from sex and alcohol won’t likely deliver the kind of drama producers deliver to audiences every season.

Peter Might’ve Returned To Alabama To Once Again Ask Madison’s Father For Permission To Marry His Daughter

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Rolling with them Auburn Tigers ??

A post shared by Chad Prewett (@coachprew) on Nov 30, 2019 at 8:10pm PST

There’s always at least one virgin on every cycle of The Bachelor, and this season it is Madison. After Weber famously had sex four times in a windmill with Hannah Brown during her season of The Bachelorette, Madison’s father Chad Prewett has some misgivings about his dating style. Chad does not approve of Peter sleeping with fellow contestants while he’s dating his daughter and refuses to give the pilot his approval during Hometown Dates.

This will likely play a huge part come finale time. As previewed, last-minute information received by host Chris Harrison nearly causes Peter to pass out just before he’s supposed to propose. While no one knows who Peter ultimately chooses in the end, mainly because he hasn’t officially made a decision yet, there are fan theories and rumors that lead many to believe Madison ultimately gets the ring.

Peter’s Involvement With The Seed to Mountain Ministries Charity May Be A Huge Clue That Madison Is The Winner

Apparently, Peter is a partner in a charity called Seed to Mountain Ministries, an announcement was made prior to the show first premiered in January. Not only does Madison’s father follow the charities’ Instagram account, but Seed to Mountain has also since followed him back.

The charity’s Bachelor campaign announced that the person who raised the most money for Seed to Mountain by the end of the season would win a trip to Uganda with Peter and the team. Now, this might be completely off the mark, but Madison, who has already visited Uganda to help families and children in Africa, could’ve inspired Peter to make this particular promotional deal.

Deliberately choosing to assist a charity which could ultimately lead to both Peter and Madison traveling to Uganda on a charitable mission, well it sounds like the exact type of move a man would make who’s trying to win over a woman’s deeply religious father.

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