Fans Notice Mama June’s Missing Teeth on Her Reality TV Show

Mama June

WE tv/YouTube Mama June's broken tooth was noticeable during her intervention.

Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, has been battling a drug addiction for the last few years, which has played out on her reality show Mama June: From Not to HotThe drugs are taking a visible toll on the reality star, as fans have started to notice that her teeth are broken and started to deteriorate.

June, who got gastric sleeve surgery several years ago, was “on top of the world,” before she met her boyfriend Geno Doak, according to daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efrid in a promo of the new season. Sadly, the reality star fell into a life of drug abuse when the two started dating, and what looked like a new beginning for Mama June with her weight loss and renewed lease on life quickly turned into broken, rotting teeth, interventions and drug arrests.

Now that Mama June’s issues with addiction and her 2019 drug arrest are being highlighted so extensively on the show, fans are starting to notice the steady downward spiral June’s life is taking. Keep reading for details.

Fans Have Started to Notice Her Broken Teeth & Many Are Concerned About Her Health

Fans have taken to social media to comment on June’s broken teeth in recent months. One Twitter user wrote, “Does Wetv still want to continue to package the Mama June show as from not to hot? Because [she] is missing teeth and cracked out of her mind,” while another added, “Mama June ruined her teeth, wtf.”

Some fans were sad at the idea of Mama June’s life crumbling when she was finally starting to get it back on track. “Wtf happened to Mama June!??? Where’s her tooth go!??? She had really got herself together I thought. So sad.”

Others expressed concern in the comments of the video below, where Mama June’s broken tooth is on full display. The reality star was promoting a weight loss product, and several fans noted that she will “never stay healthy if she keeps smoking crack.”

Some Instagrammers made jokes about her teeth, or added rude remarks about her drug addiction, but many of her fans were supportive and sad to see her life spiraling out of control. One fan wrote, “Mama June doesn’t seem okay, I just hope you are taking care of yourself. You deserve all the love.” Another added, “Mama no your teeth are gone why you were so pretty.”

June Apparently Cracked Her Tooth While Eating

A Reddit user noted that Mama June actually broke her tooth during an earlier episode of the show “when they went out to eat,” and wondered if production edited the footage to make it look like her teeth were broken because of her addiction.

“In the car it looks like June’s teeth have been fixed but once they arrive at the house [for the intervention] and come in you can clearly see her broken tooth. Did anyone else catch this?” the Reddit user asked, while another responded, “I think production played with some footage. The talk they had while driving looks like it was taken from when they went out to eat, which is where she broke her tooth.”

According to Page Six, a representative for the show appeared to confirm that June cracked one of her front teeth while eating, had it repaired, and then cracked it again. So whether or not her teeth are broken due to eating or drugs, it’s obvious the drugs aren’t going to help the health of her teeth in the long run.

New episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis air on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv. In the meantime, you can find all the latest in TV coverage and entertainment news here.

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