Live Voting for ‘American Idol’ 2020 Will Start on April 26th

ABC Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie on 'American Idol' Season 18

Now that American Idol cast and producers have decided how they’re going forward with the Top 20, live voting will become a huge part of the competition. Live voting for the season will start on Sunday, April 26.

Originally, live episodes and voting were due to start on Monday, April 6, but when the global coronavirus pandemic caused the shutdown of almost every set in Hollywood, the American Idol staff had to figure out what the next move was.

Now, the search for the next American Idol will continue. On Sunday, April 26, Idol will air the first remote performances. Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan will judge from their respective homes, and the performances will come straight from the house of the contestants.

New Episodes of ‘Idol’ Will Take Place Remotely

Instead of performing with a full band in front of a large crowd in Hollywood, contestants will now be performing and recording themselves from their homes in their quest to become the next American Idol.

For viewers, it will be interesting to see how this may affect the show going forward. Usually, contestants start to shine when they’re able to get in front of a crowd with a band, but now, the show will be completely different. There may be an advantage for the contestants who have spent a lot of time recording themselves at home previously.

It’s also possible the other reality singing competition on air right now, NBC’s The Voice, will follow Idol’s footsteps in the remote performances. They will have to figure out a way to get through their three weeks of live shows that were scheduled to begin airing in May.

Which Contestants Are in the Top 20?

The top 21 contestants were announced at the end of the Showcase round. The contestants will be featured in the two-part event American Idol: This is Me, and they will later participate in the later rounds of the 2020 competition.

Aliana Jester, 19, from Tampa, Florida
Arthur Gunn
, 22, from Wichita, Kansas
Cyniah Elise
, 18, from Atlanta, Georgia
DeWayne Crocker Jr., 23, from Pensacola, Florida
Dillon James, 26, from Bakersfield, California
Faith Becnel, 20, from Desterhan, Louisiana
Francisco Martin, 19, from San Francisco, California
Franklin Boone, 28, from Durham, North Carolina
Grace Leer, 28, from Nashville, Tennessee
Jonny West, 23, from Murietta, California
Jovin Webb, 29, from Gonzales, Louisiana
Julia Gargano, 22, from Staten Island, New York
Just Sam, 21, from Harlem, New York
Kimmy Gabriela, 17, from Lakeland, Florida
Lauren Mascitti, 28, from Nashville, Tennessee
Lauren Spencer-Smith, 16, from Vancouver Island, Canada
Louis Knight, 19, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Makayla Phillips, 17, from Temecula, California
Nick Merico, 24, from Woodland Hills, California
Olivia Ximines, 17, from Menifee, California
Sophia Wackerman, 20, from Long Beach, California

During tonight’s episode, viewers will learn which of the two contestants judges couldn’t decide between won most of America’s vote. That contestant will be able to move on to the actual top 20 and compete in the remote performances.

The contestants who were voted on were Grace Leer and Lauren Mascitti. Both women reminded the judges of traditional country singers, so they left it up to America to decide which will move on.

Tune in to American Idol on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC to watch all-new performances from the contestants.

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