April Fools’ Day 2020: Top Funny Memes for Today


It’s April Fools’ Day and everything’s looking very different while we’re dealing with a coronavirus outbreak. Here’s a look at some of the best memes for April Fools’ Day 2020.

Some memes are trying to keep things lighthearted even during a pandemic. In fact, maybe this should just be National Memes Day instead of April Fools’ Day.

Share a lighthearted meme saying farewell to March if you want to avoid April Fools’ memes altogether.

Some of the memes today are pretty dark.

But there are some lighthearted memes too. For example, some people are suggesting searching for Bing on Google to make it the most-searched-for word of the day.

Or just share this meme about being scared about what people are going to say on April Fools’ Day. Let’s hope people keep it tasteful.

Just keep it lighthearted today.

A cat meme is always fun.

Just make sure your jokes aren’t in poor taste, OK?

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Interestingly, the exact origins of April Fools’ Day still remain a mystery, according to History.com. Some think it started around 1582 when the Julian calendar was switched to the Gregorian calendar. So people who were celebrating the new year on the wrong date were the subject of a lot of jokes. Rome also had a festival called Hilaria, where people dressed up in disguises at the end of March. So a lot of different traditions might have culminated into what we know as April Fools’ Day today.

A good rule of thumb is just not to trust anything you read or see online.

Tiger King Is a Good April Fools’ Meme

If you’re looking for a safe April Fools’ meme today, why not try memes about the Netflix documentary Tiger King. Those are pretty safe.

Warning: This section will have some Tiger King spoilers. 

Or just share Tiger King memes instead of April Fools’ and forget April Fools’ altogether. That would be the more enjoyable choice for a lot of people.

Or how about this moment?

And this is really true.

Half of the Tiger King memes are about Carole Baskin and not Joe Exotic.

Here’s another fun meme.

If you haven’t watched Tiger King yet, just watch that instead of trying to find the perfect April Fools’ meme.

Be Mindful of What’s Going on in the World When You Make Your Jokes Today

Remember, when you’re sharing memes and playing jokes today, try to demonstrate proper “etiquette” so to speak. Keep in mind that some people are sick, have lost loved ones to the virus or may have loved ones who are sick right now. So don’t make light of any of that. Here’s a handy guide by a Redditor explaining what’s OK and what’s not.

When planning pranks today, don’t pretend you or someone you know is sick. Don’t spread any misinformation about fake cures, vaccines or antidotes. Avoid any fake jokes about places that may sell items that are really hard to get right now, like toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Remember to keep things lighthearted.

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