Dee Nguyen on The Challenge: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dee Nguyen

MTV Dee Nguyen

Dee Nguyen is a competitor on the 35th season of MTV’s The Challenge, and she’s one of the reigning champions of the show, having won season 34 with her teammates Jordan Wiseley, CT Tamburello and Rogan O’Connor. She had a romantic connection with Rogan on the show and she eventually revealed that she was falling for him. However, Rogan didn’t reciprocate her feelings and the situation between them deteriorated quickly.

She’s coming onto The Challenge: Total Madness as one of the reigning champions, so she will definitely have a target on her back. She also has strong alliances in the house from her past two seasons on the show, with Wes Bergmann her former teammate on War of the Worlds and her Team U.K. members from War of the Worlds 2.

Here’s what you need to know about Dee Nguyen:

1. She Appeared on MTV UK’s Geordie Shore for Season 17

Dee Nguyen appeared on the 17th season of Geordie Shore, a British reality show based in Newcastle. However, the 17th season was based in Australia, filmed in 2018. Dee was one of four Australians to appear on the show, and she also celebrated her birthday on one of the episodes.

Check out her intro video below:

Get To Know Dee | NEW Geordie Shore Season 17Geordie Shore is BACK and with brand new cast members! Meet new lass Dee. She's a reet Aussie belta… Subscribe to the MTV Shores channel for more highlights, best ofs, compilations and behind the scenes!

2. She’s From Sydney, Australia & Is Native Vietnamese

She was born on February 28, 1993 and grew up in Sydney, Australia. On a podcast, she discussed her mother’s story and her upbringing, which she said was very different than most and quite a rough upbringing. She said that her mother had to really hustle when she was younger.

Her mother grew up in Vietnam with six sisters and three brothers and they were really poor. She sold cigarettes on the streets to earn enough money to leave Vietnam, but had to escape during the night because people weren’t allowed to leave the country at that time. She arrived in Hong Kong but was put in jail because she arrived without papers, so Dee’s father, who had escaped the same way two years prior, decided to marry her mother to get her out of jail.

Dee lived in Hong Kong until she was four years old, at which point her mother decided to leave with her daughter because Dee’s father was a “POS,” the reality star explained. They applied to immigrate to Australia and moved there. Dee said growing up in Australia until about the age of 12, they lived in tiny apartments with other families and were really poor. Her mother then met a man who eventually became Dee’s stepfather, at which point they became a bit more settled.

3. Her Mother Doesn’t Know She’s on Reality TV & Doesn’t Speak English

When Dee was cast on Geordie Shore, she revealed that her mother had no idea that she was on reality TV. In one interview, she said, “My mum thinks that I’m a good little Asian girl. She thinks I just go to work in a 9-5 job and live in the city.” She added, “If she knew even half the stuff I get up to, she’ll probably disown me.”

She said she doesn’t believe her mother would find out because she doesn’t speak English and doesn’t use the internet. Because her mother went through a lot, Dee thinks she’s now very protective of her daughter, and would “freak out” if she saw what Dee does.

She said in reality, her life is a bit different than what her mother thinks: “secretly I do pole dancing, I’m on a TV show, I get drunk, hook up with a lot of people and I have a tonne of tattoos.”

4. She Worked as a Pole Dancer Before Appearing on Reality TV

Before appearing on reality TV, Dee had a passion for pole dancing and frequently posted about new moves she learned and great fitness techniques she learned through pole dancing.

In her post, she says: “Graduated from Intro Intermediate. Excited for more challenges next term.”

5. She Recently Moved to Kansas City & Got a Pitbull

On her Instagram page, she updated her location to Kansas City, and said she recently moved there. KC is interestingly where Wes Bergmann lives with his wife Amanda, and from her Instagram, it appears the two are meeting up while social distancing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also recently got a dog, a pitbull named Ganesh, and has been posting a lot of updates with her new family member.

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