Happy Mother’s Day Memes 2020: Best Memes & Jokes to Celebrate Mom

Mother's Day Memes


Happy Mother’s Day 2020! It’s certainly a unique holiday this year, with so many of us still sheltering at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. But that means it’s more important than ever to use memes to brighten your day this year. These memes and jokes will help brighten your holiday.

This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 10, 2020. It’s a day to celebrate all things motherhood, whether you’re celebrating your own mom or you’re a mother. Even cat moms and dog moms should be celebrated today! So be sure an honor the mom in your life today.

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Let’s look at the history of this special day. Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908, History.com noted, but the holiday wasn’t an official U.S. holiday until 1914. Jarvis was actually so annoyed by the commercialization of the holiday that she later tried to have it removed from the calendar.


Christianity once celebrated “Mothering Sunday,” which was an earlier version of the holiday seen in Europe. It was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, History.com reported, and was a time for the faithful to return to their mother church. It eventually became more secular as children gave gifts and flowers to their moms. In the end, it faded away, merging with the U.S. holiday.


But it was Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, who played a big role in making the holiday an official U.S. custom. Her mother started Mother’s Day Work Clubs to help teach women childcare tips, History.com reported. She then started Mothers’ Friendship day in 1868. Her daughter, Anna, organized the first official Mother’s Day at a church in West Virginia. It was a big success and Anna sought to have it added to the national calendar, saying that American holidays were focused on men, not women. Interestingly, Anna herself never had children. She succeeded in her goal for the holiday, but later regretted how commercialized it became.

There are a lot of funny memes to celebrate the holiday.

Here’s a similar-themed one.

And some are very relatable during the COVID-19 pandemic, like this meme about visiting grocery stores.

There are also some very honest ones, like this simple graph showing that what mothers really want is just to have more sleep.

Are you the favorite?


This one’s pretty funny.

But hopefully this wasn’t you:

And some moms might just prefer a phone call to a social media post.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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