Did Nick Cordero Have Underlying Health Issues Before Contracting COVID-19?

Nick Cordero coronavirus

Getty Actor Nick Cordero attends the 68th Annual Tony Awards.

Nick Cordero, after being in a medically induced coma due to complications from coronavirus since late March, finally woke up on Tuesday. His wife, celebrity fitness trainer Amanda Kloots delivered the miraculous health update on via Instagram on May 12.

Cordero, 41, the Tony Award-winning actor who starred in the Broadway musicals Waitress and Rock of Ages, had spent the past 42 days in the intensive care unit at Cedars Sinai hospital, and needed his right leg amputated due to blood clots. His rollercoaster journey back to health after being infected with COVID-19 was all the more perplexing because Cordero did not have any underlying health issues, according to Kloots.

Kloots, 38, who’s been married to Cordero since 2017, and mother to their 10-month old son, Elvis, wrote on Instagram,

Nick is 41 years old. He had no pre-existing health conditions. We do not know how he got COVID-19, but he did. He went to the ER on March 30th and intubated on a ventilator on April 1. Since then has he has suffered an infection that caused his heart to stop, he needed resuscitation, he had two mini-strokes, went on ECMO, went on dialysis, needed surgery to [remove] an ECMO cannula that was restricting blood flow to his leg, a [fasciotomy] to relieve pressure on the leg, amputation of his right leg, an MRI to further investigate brain damage, several bronchial sweeps to clear out his lungs, a [sepsis] infection causing septic shock, a fungus in his lungs, holes in his lungs, a tracheostomy, blood clots, low blood count and platelet levels, and a temporary pacemaker to assist his heart. This disease does not only [affect] old people. This is real. A perfectly healthy 41-year-old man!

Cordero will need extensive physical therapy moving forward, but Kloots is ecstatic to celebrate his huge first step back to health. She thanked everyone on social media for their support, her friends, family, and Nick’s incredible team of doctors via Instagram Live.

Kloots said, “He’s not talking yet, or looking right or left, but “he’s looking up for yes, and down for no… this is the best news ever.”

Doctors Kept Telling Kloots Not To Give Up Hope

The former Radio City Rockette has been through a horrific ordeal over the past few months. However, Kloots’ positive energy and her ability to always look at the bright side of things while her husband remains unconscious, has made her an unexpected social media star. Even after Cordero’s needed his right leg amputated due to blood clots, Kloots remained undaunted.

Kloots has been hoping and praying that her husband will soon wake up. “He is 41 and he’s been fighting,” she said. “He’s been fighting really hard. We know. He’s literally been thrown every curveball he could be thrown.”

Being on the younger side is a huge tip in the Waitress star’s hat. Doctors told Kloots, “If Nick was in his 70s, it would be a different conversation,” in regards to what could be considered the best-case scenario. “But doctors said do not give up,” she said.

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