‘Big Brother 23’ Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Azah Big Brother

CBS Will The Cookout be able to maintain power this week?

This week on “Big Brother,” Tiffany was Head of Household for the second week in a row. She decided to put Xavier next to Alyssa on the block.

A lot was riding on this week’s veto competition. Tiffany knew that if Alyssa won and took herself off the block, she’d have no choice but to select her friend Claire as a replacement nominee.

So who won the Power of Veto competition? Was the veto used? And was a replacement nominee selected?

Here are the results of this week’s Power of Veto ceremony, but be warned of spoilers ahead.

Who Won the Power of Veto?

In perhaps the biggest upset of the season thus far, Alyssa won the Power of Veto. This was Tiffany’s worst-case scenario. When she decided to keep hanging onto that rope during the HOH competition, she knew it was a possibility she’d have to target her friend Claire.

But she figured there was a slim chance of Alyssa winning the Veto. She could get Alyssa out and let someone else go after Claire next. Unfortunately for Tiffany, that’s not how things worked out.

Was the Veto Used?

Unsurprisingly, Alyssa used the veto on herself. Tiffany decided to talk to Claire before the veto ceremony and let her know she was going to be the replacement nominee.

Without revealing The Cookout, Tiffany told Claire that from the beginning of the game she knew she didn’t want to be the person responsible for sending Azah, Kyland, Xavier, Derek F., or Hannah home. She also said that she didn’t want to be the one to send Claire home, but she had no one else to nominate.

Much of what Tiffany told Claire was the truth. She said her target for the week was Alyssa and she said she won HOH this week to protect Claire. However, when she told Claire she was putting her up, she did make it seem like she thought Claire had a chance of staying over Xavier, which of course isn’t the case.

The conversation ended with Claire in tears and Tiffany hugging her. “I never would’ve done this to you, Tiff,” Claire told Tiffany. Later, Tiffany addressed the cameras and said that Claire handled the news like a champ.

It’s official: Claire and Xavier are on the block.

Who Will Be Evicted On Thursday?

Since she’s on the block next to a member of The Cookout, Claire will be evicted on Thursday. Thursday is a double eviction so another houseguest will be following Claire to the jury house. If Alyssa wins HOH, The Cookout is in trouble. She might target Tiffany for going after both her and Xavier.

Xavier will likely throw this HOH competition again since he doesn’t want to be the one to take a shot at Alyssa. Tiffany is ineligible to play. It might be smart for The Cookout to finally actually throw a comp to Azah. Whoever wins this HOH can’t play in the next one, making them vulnerable during the first week The Cookout has to self-destruct.

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