‘Big Brother’ Season 24 Cast Revealed [Spoilers]

Terrence Higgins

CBS Season 24 Houseguest, Terrance Higgins.

WARNING! This post contains major spoilers. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know anything about Big Brother season 24.

Big Brother season 24 kicks off Wednesday, July 6 at 8pm ET on CBS. The cast has been revealed, and host, Julie Chen Moonves, has also let fans in on a few tantalizing secrets about this season’s themes and twists.

The Twists Start Night One

Chen Moonves spoke with Parade on July 5 and spilled some tea about what fans can expect in season 24. “We’re starting off the season with a new twist that will send the houseguests scrambling,” she professed. “And the opportunity for America to vote will impact the game, beginning on premiere night.”

As fans know, every season has a different theme. This year, the motif will reflect a mid-century Palm Springs motel, Chen Moonves reported to Parade. “We’re calling it the ‘BB Motel,’” she explained.  “It’s kind of like a roach motel; you can check in, but you can’t check out. This is one motel you don’t want to check out of, because the only way you can leave is by getting evicted, unless you’ve won.”

In terms of the décor, Chen Moonves revealed, “We’re gonna have neon signs all over the place. We’re gonna have a tiki bar upstairs outside the HoH bedroom, on that bridge area. It feels like, if you can’t go on vacation this summer, you can watch Big Brother. Your summer vacation will be Palm Springs in the Big Brother house.”

Although there will be a live move-in per BB tradition, the live audience will not be there once again, due to COVID-19 protocols. Whether a studio audience will return sometime in season 24 remains up in the air. However, Chen Moonves told Parade, “We were trying for that. But right now, where we are, we’re not launching this season with a live audience. Now 82 days is a long time. We’ll see what happens in that last month. I’m praying that the COVID numbers will dwindle and that it’ll be okay to bring back a live audience.”

New Cast Finally Revealed!

CBS revealed the 16 new houseguests on the afternoon of July 5.  Images can be seen on the Instagram link above. Here is a list of the new houseguests who will be competing for the upgraded prize of $750,000:

Alyssa Snider, 24, of Sarasota, Florida, a marketing rep

Ameerah Jones, 31, of Westminster, Maryland, a content designer

Brittany Hoopes, 32, of Austin, Texas, a hypnotherapist

Daniel Durston, 35, of Las Vegas, Nevada, a Vegas performer

Indy Santos, 31, of Los Angeles, California, a corporate flight attendant

Jasmine Davis, 29, of Atlanta, Georgia, an entrepreneur

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, 24, of Boca Raton, Florida, an assistant football coach

Kyle Capener, 29, of Bountiful, Utah, unemployed

Marvin Achi, 28, of Houston, Texas, a chemical processing engineer

Matt Turner, 23, of New Bedford, Massachusetts, a thrift store owner

Michael Bruner, 28, of Rochester, Minnesota, an attorney

Monte Taylor, 27, of Bear, Delaware, a personal trainer

Nicole Layog, 41, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a private chef

Paloma Aguilar, 22, of San Marcos, California, an interior designer

Taylor Hale, 27, of West Bloomfield, Michigan, a personal stylist

Terrance Higgins, 47, of Chicago, Illinois, a bus operator

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