‘Big Brother 23’ Couple Officially Announces Breakup

Big Brother 23

CBS "Big Brother 23" contestants during the OTEV competition.

Big Brother 23” had its share of romance with Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez having a fling inside the house and Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao getting into a relationship after the season ended.

But as fans who have been paying close attention to Birkenberger and Lopez since the season finale won’t be surprised to hear, the couple has officially announced their breakup in an interview with Us Weekly.

“Christian and I are just friends,” 24-year-old Lopez told the outlet. “We realized leaving the show that I have a career and he has to focus on his career, and we have barely any time to hang out with friends. So, having a relationship just isn’t something that we’re able to do.” Lopez is the co-founder of a swimwear line while Birkenberger is a model.

Lopez and Birkenberger first hinted at their breakup on October 2, when Birkenberger tweeted, “What does Chrisalyss & Wet cement have in common…? It only lasts 48hrs 😂😂.” Lopez told Us Weekly that she and Birkenberger drafted the tweet together. “We wanted to make it funny,” she said. “We were on the plane giggling about it.”

The ‘Funny Story’ of How They Decided to Break Up

As for the timeline of their breakup, Lopez told Us Weekly, “it’s actually a really funny story.” While they were both on the show, they agreed to immediately start dating after “Big Brother” and planned for Birkenberger to show up on finale night. But, Birkenberger says, the two days they were an official couple were a bit overwhelming.

“I was still adjusting. I wasn’t back to normal. And she was out (of the Big Brother house) for 15 minutes. It was just a lot going on, and we really tried to – within those two days of us being an official couple – make things work and to see how things went, but it wasn’t the same as it was on the show because it’s not the same environment as it was on the show,” Birkenberger said.

Lopez added that they were at the airport together when Birkenberger stated what was on both their minds. “He was just like, ‘Oh, should we just not date right now?’ And we both agreed. And as soon as he said that, we were back to normal, joking around, laughing nonstop. He came to Florida with me,” she said.

Is There Still Hope for ChrisAlyss?

Lopez and Birkenberger’s main reason for breaking up is that they both have too much going on to do a long-distance relationship at the moment (she’s in Florida, he’s in Connecticut). But are they open to the idea that it could work out someday?

“Right now, we’re just friends. We’re not closing that door because you never know what could happen and you should never close the door with anyone, I don’t think, because who knows what could happen. But, as of right now, we are just strictly friends. But we’re like best friends, best buddies,” Lopez told Us Weekly.

“We talk every day. We are best friends. But, no one can predict the future. I think that’s pretty much what we’re trying to say,” added Birkenberger.

Lopez Commented on Her Relationship With Xavier

After a “Big Brother” spoiler account tweeted that there is a secret relationship amongst the season 23 cast, fans began to suspect Lopez and the show’s winner, Xavier Prather. Prather and Lopez were very close during the show and it was obvious Prather found Lopez attractive, but Lopez dispelled any rumors that they’re more than friends.

“I don’t know if people just need me to be in some type of relationship or something, but everyone in that house, I am strictly friends with, just like Christian,” she told Us Weekly. “X and I are just really, really good friends as well.”

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