‘Big Brother’ Fans Are Not Happy About Daniele Donato’s Apology

Daniele Donato Briones in the Big Brother 22 house

CBS Daniele Donato Briones in the Big Brother 22 house

This past season of Big Brother was full of moments caught on the live feeds that contestants later found themselves apologizing for. One of the biggest that had fans very upset was when several houseguests were heard mocking and laughing at fellow contestant Ian Terry, who is autistic.

Nicole Franzel was the first to publicly apologize to Terry, saying in an interview that they “had a very positive conversation” where she “apologized and it was accepted.”

Now Daniele Donato Briones has broken her social media silence since the show ended to issue a lengthy apology to Terry as well.

Donato Briones Said She is ‘Deeply Sorry’ For Hurting Anyone

In her post, Donato Briones apologized for “any and all comments” that she made during the season that offended anyone and said her No. 1 goal in life “is to love others and spread love” in all she does, and clearly she “missed the mark” during the season, for which she is “deeply sorry.”

She continued:

The idea and concept of the show is to lie and manipulate people all while getting close to them and I think this unrealistic way of living sometimes affects what houseguests do and say that is out of character for whom they truly are as a person. I am not going to sit here and make excuses, I am here to say I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter to me what I was trying to convey or what I actually meant, what matters to me is how I make people feel and that I hurt people because that’s something I would never want to do intentionally or unintentionally.

I have apologized personally to people that I have said things about that I am not proud of but I want to specifically address Ian. When it comes to Ian, I don’t see Ian as different, I see him as an equal or even someone who is above me as he has an intelligence that I cannot completely grasp on his level. My sense of humor can be very dry and brash and I joke around a lot with and about people I like, and so I would joke around about Ian as I saw him as an equal. I do realize that certain comments I made sounded like I was saying he was faking being on the spectrum and I need everyone to know that is not what I meant. I had very poor wording and that is my own ignorance and I’m very sorry.

I would never discriminate against anyone who is on the spectrum. There did come a time in the house that I realized I was being too tough on Ian becuase he is in fact different and I should be more gentle with my words, reactions, and actions towards him and I will completely own up to everything. I’m still learning. I have personally spoken to Ian many times inside the jury house as well as after the finale about all things I said and did in regards to him in the house. I adore Ian so much and it kills me knowing I ever said anything to or about him that would either offend him or anyone else.

Donato Briones Went on to Apologize for Her Microaggressions

She also said that she wants to specifically apologize for “every comment that [she] made that was a microaggression.”

“I know I’m not just some ignorant white girl, but I also know that from time to time I do make ignorant comments and again, I’m still learning. I am realizing that I do have blind spots and I’m trying to recognize them so I can change. I am so sorry for any comments I made that were at all offensive and I promise you I will do better,” she wrote.

Terry responded to her tweet with a smiley face emoji and many fans praised Donato’s apology, with one writing, “It takes a strong person to step up and apologize. I have always been a fan of you, but this last season was really hard for me to watch; however, we were not in the house – we are fans. Mistakes happen, but an apologize that is true from the heart shows growth. Thank you!”

But several others took umbrage with the fact that it seemed like she just tacked on an apology for the microaggressions toward the contestants of color at the end. One wrote, “I appreciate that it seems like you’ve taken time to understand why treating Ian as an ‘other’ was a bad choice. But, I do wish you would spend the same energy recognizing that you contributed to most of the microaggressions against Bay and Day that could never fully be repaired.”

Another wrote, “I’m glad you addressed your poor judgements of Ian, but I’m not happy about the, ‘Oh, & sorry for the microaggressions,’ mini-mention at the end. If anything, I’m even more disappointed, & I’m going to have to assume that you don’t really care about that issue.”

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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