Did a CBS ‘Big Brother’ Tweet Hint at a Twist?

Big Brother 23

Youtube Some fans think a recent video posted by the CBS Big Brother Twitter account could indicate a twist.

Big Brother fans are anxiously waiting to hear more details about season 23, which premieres on July 7. Not much is known yet about what to expect from this season, but a recent tweet from the official “Big Brother” Twitter account has some people taking guesses.

On June 23, the account tweeted, “Two weeks until #BB23!! Who is your favorite dynamic BB duo of all time?” along with a video depicting some well-known “Big Brother” friendships including Janelle Pierzina & Kaysar Ridha and Da’vonne Rogers & Bayleigh Dayton.

The video has some fans wondering why “Big Brother” chose to tweet about duos this close to the premiere date. Could it be a hint that BB23 will feature some kind of duo twist? One fan replied to the tweet with, “WHY WE TALKING ABOUT DUOS??” with several eyeball emojis and a gif of “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves wagging her finger.

Another fan responded that perhaps “they are doing duos again like bb13 since it has been 10 years since.” Could there be a duo twist this summer? It does seem likely that the show will do something to liven things up given that last season was widely considered dull.

Here’s the history of duos on the show and how they’ve affected the game.

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Dynamic Duos in ‘Big Brother 13’

In ‘Big Brother 13′, there were three pairs of duos who knew each other outside the house in addition to the eight other houseguests. The original houseguests also had to choose a partner in the house to pair up with.

The three duos who knew each other outside the house were Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas, Daniele Donato & Dick Donato, and Jeff Shroeder & Jordan Lloyd. Reilly ended up winning the grand prize.

Overall, the season wasn’t particularly memorable. The distinction between old and new players led to a predictable split of the house into the “Newbies” and “Veterans” alliances.

Rivals Twist in ‘Big Brother 8’

In ‘Big Brother 8′, three houseguests secretly entered the house first and watched the other houseguests for the first week without their knowledge. Each of the three players had a tense relationship with someone else in the house.

Daniele and Dick Donato were an estranged father-daughter pair, Dustin Erikstrup and Joe Barber were ex-boyfriends, and Jessica Hughbanks and Carol Journey were ex-best friends. The twist provided a lot of drama and entertainment during the season.

The Donatos ended up working together and placed first and second. They even came back to the “Big Brother” house together for the thirteenth season. Although, it seems that they still don’t get along so well outside the house.

When Daniele returned to compete in “Big Brother 22″, her father tweeted, “I’m finding it very hard to root for Dani this season. She’s become one of the type of girls I have always hated watching on BB… And she’ll be mad when they turn on her and treat her like she’s treating these people. Just sayin’.”

Twin Twists

There have been two twin twists in “Big Brother” history, the first of which occurred in season 5. Twins Adria and Natalie secretly switched places throughout the first weeks of gameplay without being detected. However, they were evicted back to back shortly after they both officially entered the game, placing seventh and eighth.

The second twin twist was in “Big Brother 17.” Houseguests Da’Vonne Rogers and Jason Roy caught on to twins Julia and Liz pretty quickly. Julia and Liz managed to keep the target off their backs by aligning with powerful players Vanessa and Austin. The twins also had a strong social game (they were far more popular than Adria and Natalie) and Liz was a strong physical competitor. Liz ended up placing second.

Whether or not there is some type of duo twist this summer, it seems that most longtime “Big Brother” fans are just excited that there will be no former houseguests returning this summer. After last year’s stale “All-Stars” season, the fandom is ready for fresh faces.

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