Below Deck Star Gives Update on Chef Marcos Spaziani’s Head Injury

Chef Marcos Spaziani

Bravo Chef Marcos Spaziani from Below Deck Sailing Yacht

This week on “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” viewers saw one of the most gruesome injuries on the franchise when Chef Marcos Spaziani hit his head and took off a piece of his scalp. Luckily, the cut ended up being very superficial, according to the doctor who came on board to check him out, and the chef was able to keep working on Parsifal III.

Fans and the crew praised Spaziani for pushing through the rest of the dinner for that night as well as his calm attitude about the entire incident. Later on in the episode, the Venezuelan chef even had a bit of fun with his castmates as they partied on the boat and ended up wrapping Chef Marcos’ head in cling-wrap.

After the episode dropped, Spaziani’s co-star and roommate Gary King revealed a surprising and a bit gruesome update about what the chef did with the piece of the scalp that he lost in the accident, sharing that he actually kept it under his pillow.

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King Told Hannah Ferrier on Her Podcast That Spaziani Kept the Scalp Under His Pillow With His Other Belongings

King joined Hannah Ferrier on her podcast “Dear Reality, You’re Effed” and said, “Did you see it in his hand? Marcos ended up keeping it! He actually kept everything under his pillow. Like he’d keep cash, his keys, his wallet. Phone, everything.”

Ferrier was shocked and asked King to confirm, “His scalp?” King replied, “Yep! Everything!” He explained, “When he slept, he slept on his back. But like this but he didn’t move.” He added:

When I sleep my pillows go everywhere. So he’d just lay like that and in the morning he’d get something else from under his pillow like chewing gum. And that’s where he kept his scalp. Just to go and socialize with the rest of his belongings. It was so gross.

The “Below Deck” first mate added that it was “Pretty funny! It was like guillotined it off. It was like a scalpel was used to shave it off. And he was just so amazed by it, like ‘I’m gonna keep it as a souvenir.’ He’s something else that guy. My gosh, I love him,” he shared and said how the rest of the crew couldn’t believe how calm Spaziani stayed throughout the ordeal.

Spaziani Told Fans After the Episode Aired That His Cut Healed Fine & He’s Doing Great Now

Spaziani took to social media after the episode to reassure fans that he’s been doing great since the horrifying accident on board Parsifal III. The LA-based chef explained on Twitter that his Instagram had been hacked but said he should get access to it again soon, then told fans, “I’m better than ever.”

One person wrote, “The sight of the piece of SCALP in ur hand and the blood patch on top of ur head…OMG! can’t even look! Gives me the chills! Ugggh! I pray you will be OK!” He answered, “I’m good bro thanks.” Someone else asked how long it took for his wound to heal and he replied, “Few weeks.”

In response to a question about whether his hair grew back over that spot, Chef Marcos said simply, “Yes lol.” The chef quickly became a fan-favorite on the new season of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” and revealed on social media that he’s now opened a new restaurant, MARLOU, in downtown Los Angeles, right next to his bar called The Burrow.

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