Naomie Olindo Reveals Co-Star Never Welcomed Her Back to Southern Charm

Bravo Naomie Olindo.

Naomie Olindo was a cast member on“Southern Charm” for four seasons before she stepped away for season 7.

“I’m so thankful for what the show gave me because it does open a lot of doors and there are a lot of advantages then it comes a time when the good doesn’t outweigh the bad anymore where it’s time to walk away,” Olindo said on the “Skinny Confidential Him & Her” podcast in 2020. “Personally I feel like I walked away at a time that was right for me.”

While Olindo claimed to “still love most of the people on there,” there was no love lost between her and co-star Kathryn Dennis.

“I feel kind of bad saying but I think I can say I have a strained relationship with Kathryn because I struggle with her filming strategy I guess,” she explained at the time.

Last forward two years and a full filming season later, and her relationship with Dennis has not improved.

Naomie Olindo Said Her Co-Star Didn’t Welcome Her Back for Season 8

Southern Charm season 8

BravoSouthern Charm season 8

While she joined “Southern Charm” as the girlfriend of Craig Conover, Olindo left the show after season 6 to move to New York with then-boyfriend Metal Shah. Following her 2021 split from Shah, Olindo admitted she had to “beg” to get her spot back on “Southern Charm.”

“I had to, like, beg my way back,” Olindo said on the “Skinny Confidential Him & Her” podcast. “I was like, ‘Guys, please. I know I quit and I know I told everybody to f*** off, but please I’m very depressed and I really want to come back. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m back in Charleston.’ They were like, ‘All right.’”

In an August 2, 2022 interview on the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Olindo revealed that Dennis was annoyed by her return well before she called her a “petty little b****” on camera.

“I spoke to everybody really, aside from like one person,” she told Yontef. “I reached out to everyone because, you know, I’m still friends with everyone and I said, ‘You know, how would you feel about me coming back? I’m kind of in a weird place. I’m a little bit lost. And I know filming is like coming up. I don’t, I think this might be good for me. Would you be supportive?’ And everybody was like, ‘hell yeah, come on.’ So it was really nice and I felt really safe, you know, coming back. And I’m very lucky that almost everybody had open arms and was just really sweet.”

When Yontef asked her to name the one person who “didn’t have open arms,” Olindo responded with, “Just, you know, a young lady named Kathryn.”

Olindo added that Dennis is not in her life outside of the show. “It’s not really like something I think about. She’s just like, not really a part of my life,” she explained. “I mean yes, with the show there’s association, you know, it’s pretty minimal. You know, you just don’t have to be friends with everyone. And I think that’s something I’m learning as I get older. It’s like, I don’t have to be around somebody if it’s not somebody that I want to be around.”

Olindo previously told E! News she doesn’t think she will ever be friends with Dennis. “If I see her, I’m like, ‘What’s up?’ But I don’t think that she and I will ever be friends,” she said in June 2022. “I’m pretty close to everybody but Kathryn,” she added of the “Southern Charm” cast. “I love everybody sans one.”

On “Behind the Velvet rope,” Olindo also revealed that the only person she cared about running her return by was Conover, due to their long history together.

“I mean, the whole reason that I even did the show the first time was because of Craig and with Craig,” the Bravo star said. “So it was really important to me that he was a hundred percent on board with it because I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or whatever. So that was very important to me that he was.”

Naomie Olindo Said the Paige & Craig Situation Was ‘Blown Out of Proportion’

Craig Conover Paige DeSorbo

BravoCraig Conover and Paige DeSorbo.

Olindo’s ex, Craig Conover, has been dating “Summer House” star Paige DeSorbo since fall 2021. Olindo met her ex’s new girl while filming “Southern Charm,” but she revealed that the situation wasn’t as big of a deal as it played out on TV.

“I was excited to meet her,” she said of DeSorbo. “I think that the Craig and Paige stuff got like blown out of proportion a little bit. I didn’t realize that it was going to be such a storyline, but there’s absolutely no bad blood between us whatsoever. I really like Paige. I think she and Craig are a really good match. I think they seem very happy. And I, I love that for him.”

Olindo added that her romantic relationship with Conover “has long sailed” and now they are just “good buddies.”

“And so I wasn’t nervous to meet her or anything,” she added of DeSorbo. “I was excited and I loved meeting her. And then throughout the season, I think it’s unfortunate that a lot of people try to pin the girls against each other or something when it doesn’t need to be like that at all. So there were some awkward moments with me and Paige, but it just wasn’t necessary.”

In a June 2022 interview with Us Weekly, Olindo addressed a hookup she had with Conover in Las Vegas when they were still both single last summer, just before he and DeSorbo became exclusive.

“It was sort of like a time and place thing where it’s like, ‘OK, I know you, I trust you, we were both like fresh off breakups. This is a really long time ago now, but it was never like, ‘Oh, we need to get back together, blah, blah.’ It was just like a comfort thing — a very temporary comfort thing.” the ‘Southern Charm” star explained.

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