Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Clobbered by Fans

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval

Getty Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are still plugging away at their new bar concept, Schwartz & Sandy’s, and recently shared an update on the interior decor with fans. The bar’s Instagram page, which describes it as a “cocktail lounge,” posted in the Stories a video of the tiling work on one of the bar’s walls.

Viewers saw Sandoval describe the design idea on season 9 of “Vanderpump Rules,” sharing, “Every time I walk in here, it’s such an optical illusion.” In an interview, he said, “I want colors, I want light drama on corners, I want seclusion, but also, you know, a community- interactive event.”

At the VPR reunion, Schwartz said, “It’s a funky, vibrant, cozy dive lounge nestled under the Hollywood Hills in one of my favorite parts of Hollywood, Franklin Village.” However, the recent clip shown on the bar’s Instagram page seemed to get a mixed reaction from fans.

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Fans Had a Lot of Negative Comments About the Decor, Especially the Tiling

Two still images from the Instagram Story were shared on Reddit where many fans criticized the decor choice. One person wrote, “It’s giving Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom decor,” in reference to a character from “The Golden Girls.” Another person agreed, “I’m getting strong Golden Girls vibes from this.”

Others said it looked cheap, with one comment stating, “too much pattern going on for me. it’s giving me low budget tbh.” Another wrote, “This looks remarkably similar to the interior of the old a** Pizza Hut they just tore down in my town lmfao.” Someone said, “This looks so cheap and…worthy it’s name, like, it’s a random beach grill bar for retired people who love the 80s look.” Another wrote, “It’s very 1908’s chain restaurant in the food court vibe.”

A couple of people said it gave the vibe of a Florida retirement home, with one comment stating, “It’s giving Florida Retirement.” Another person wrote, “So I live in Florida, this is literally what some of the wealthy assisted living homes are decorated like.” Someone said, “And if that was the vibe they were going for, this decor scheme (and that name, TBH) would work perfectly. But instead, they’re going for whatever bizarro ‘your memory of a dive bar…in the future’ thing Sandoval was trying unsuccessfully to describe in that one episode.”

One commenter stated, “If I was drunk at this place, the decor would make me vomit.” Someone wrote, “That’s some intense decorating, if I was there having a drink and the lights weren’t dimmed I wouldn’t be able to chill, I would be confused and distracted.” Someone else said, “It’s taking a looong time (and obviously a lot of $$$ of wasted time) producing something that looks like it’s 40 years old and needs total redevelopment.”

The Co-Stars Shared That They Wanted to Open in Spring 2022 But the Instagram Page Now States It’s Slated to Open in Summer 2022

Schwartz and Sandoval revealed at the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion that they wanted to open Schwartz & Sandy’s in the spring of 2022. Sandoval said, “We are working on the project every single day. We love it.”

According to the bar’s Instagram page, it is now set to open in the summer of 2022. At the reunion, Sandoval shared that they are “currently below budget.”

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